5 Game-changing Sexy Moves to Get Your Partner Back in the Mood

Remember? It used to be so simple; you’d wink at each other across the crowded classrooms, hold hands in the movie theater and linger just a little too long during your goodbye kisses. 

During your courtship period, even your smallest gestures made your man drool over you – and got your heart skipping a beat or two. But then, life happened and you both became too busy juggling the demands of your professional and household responsibilities. The same eyes that had made you feel so special, has somehow lost the spark in them.

Hey, relax! At one point of time or the other, we all lose track of our love life. It happens even to the best of couples. As life gets tough and challenges you to the limit, it’s only natural that your sex drive will dwindle. Thankfully, there’s nothing to fret over.  

We’ve got these amazing tricks up our sleeves to help you rekindle the fire in your relationship. And guess what; they’re incredibly easy to learn and can be practiced in the comfort of your bedroom. Besides strengthening your bond with him, these tricks are sure to boost your confidence and make you feel super sexy. So, go on and make your first transformational move tonight!

Put on a show and let him watch

What it is: Dressing up in a way that’s purposely intended to seduce him

How to go about it: It’s a fact – men are erotic visualists and are easily excited by visual stimulation. In the words of some men, watching or imagining a women reach orgasm is their ultimate way to get aroused. While many women put on sexy lingerie, others caress themselves during intercourse to reach orgasm. Only few realize that they can actually use this gesture to excite their man. Just put on a sexy sheer shirt (forget any other accessory or underwear) and make a provocative approach, with your legs wide apart and bent at the knees. Now place two fingers on your labia and stroke gently. Believe it or not, even this simple act will excite him in a new way and result in unbelievable sexplosion!

Master the art of hand job

What it is: Getting your hands up his tool

How to go about it: As you might already know, all men love to be caressed, stroked and handled strongly by practiced female hands; they even love watching a woman take full control of them in the bed. Even if he’s having a firm erection, consider giving him a good massage down there. Trust me, he’ll keep asking for more. Take some massage oil or lubricant onto your palms and hold tightly around the base of his penis. Now work your hands up to the head of his pleasure rod, in a round, twisting motion. Repeat the process several times till he’s ready for the plunge. Just make sure that your hands work only in the upward direction.

Perfect your tongue techniques

What it is: Using your tongue as a foreplay tool

How to go about it: This is a good way to arouse him, even when he’s not in the right mood. According to experts, this is the best technique to take your man to a state of heightened stimulation. Hold his penis by its base, place it on your tongue and glide it in and out (paying particular attention to the tip and the top section of the shaft). Once he’s firm and erect, try a variety of tongue strokes. For instance, you can try the butterfly trick. Here, you waggle your tongue back, forth and around the delicate crown.

Tread the roundabout way

What it is: Moving in an oval direction in the female-dominating position

How to go about it: Yes, men do get bored too quickly. They love variety. When it comes to sex, they love to see their woman taking the superior role and pleasing him differently. This stimulates him visually and boosts his sex drive. The next time you make love, consider moving in an oval direction, while leaning forward as you glide down on him. This will stimulate him to the limit, while simultaneously exciting your clitoris and G spot. Chances of multiple orgasms are higher with this move.

Try a new angle

What it is: Adjusting your hips and buttocks to raise the enjoyment level

How to go about it: This is a simple alteration to the normal rear-entry position, and helps both of you to reach the climax. Here, you make a flattering show of your buttocks – something that arouses him almost instantly, even when he’s not in the mood to play. Simply kneel on the edge of your bed or sofa (or any other place you’re comfortable in) and ask your man to stand behind you. Now stretch your body and lie with your chest flat on the surface. Gradually lift up your hips at a steeper angle than you would otherwise do in this position. This way, he can rock your back (instead of regular thrusts), for unbelievable stimulation for both of you.

Reigniting the fire in your relationship doesn’t have to feel like a challenge. You don’t need to venture too far from your comfort zone or do anything extreme to spice up your sex life. Remember, there’s nothing more powerful than the touch of love. Just be yourself and try these amazing moves with your partner. Hope it works for both of you. Have fun!