Amazing Things You Can Do For Your Valentine This Year

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is the third most stress inducing day of the year, birthdays and anniversaries being the first two. It doesn’t matter whether you are married for a long time, or are enjoying the first flushes of love, in a few days February 14th will be here. What special things can you do for your partner on the day of love, so that the memories live on long after the years have passed?

We’ve charted some ideas that could magically transform your Valentine’s Day celebrations, complete with naughty games, sweet gestures, raunchy moves et all.

Pamper Your Partner

Sometimes when you have been with each other for a longish period of time, you forget to show how much you really care for the other person. Chores, kids, responsibilities, job – all of it doesn’t really leave any time for you to show your love for each other. On this Valentine’s Day, remember to show how you care. Sweat out the small things. Run small errands, cook a hearty breakfast-in-bed, complete with a rose on the breakfast tray, and offer to pour another cup of coffee when they drain their first cup. These may be small gestures, but it is the small things that make up our lives.

Lace Up Your Love

Get something lacy for this Valentine’s Day. And who doesn’t like lingerie for those intimate moments in bed together? Make a night to remember and cherish with something lacy and frilly. The industry leader Penthouse has just recently released a new line of lingerie that's sure to excite!

Gift A Vibe

A world of intimate toys are made to satisfy the spirit of Valentine's Day. Take a look at our curated collection of Valentines Vibrators, and see where they take you.