How to Use a Fleshlight (Simple Beginners’ Guide)

Sex toys are great for spicing up a relationship or having some quality time alone. And it’s not just about massagers, dildos, and vibrators. Today, there is a plethora of different toys available to satisfy your sexual needs. 

For example: for men there is the Fleshlight. You probably know how it’s used. But there are a few things about its usage and maintenance that every owner should understand in order to amplify their pleasure. 

First, What Is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlights are basically masturbation sleeves lined inside with different textures to stimulate the user. There are four main parts: the case, the sleeve, the endcap, and the cap. The entrance is shaped like a vulva, with the bumps and ridges inside providing the sensation of penetrating a woman’s vagina. Have a good quality water-based lube on hand (so to speak) and be aware of the proper ways to use it. 

Two Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Fleshlight

A Fleshlight can be used warm or cold. To use it warm, immerse it into hot water until it reaches the desired temperature. Repeat the same process with cold water if you wish to use it that way. 

Besides this, there are two more things to know about using a Fleshlight.  

  • Using a Fleshlight in Different Positions

The most common way to use a Fleshlight is to move it over the penis as in regular masturbation. You control the pace. 

But a Fleshlight can be used to simulate sexual positions as well. For instance, fans of the missionary position can put the Fleshlight between pillows to penetrate it like a real female partner. Also, you can attach the Fleshlight between the sofa and its cushions and use it hands-free; simply sit on your knees and penetrate the Fleshlight. Using this toy in different ways will also keep you interested longer. 

  • Tighten the Setting for a More Personalized Experience

Almost all Fleshlight cases come with a screw cap that can be adjusted around the penis. The more you can tighten, the more of a vacuum is formed inside the toy. Adjust this setting to your liking to experience a different kind of pleasure every time you use it. 

A Few More Things to Keep in Mind While Using a Fleshlight

Once you own a Fleshlight, make sure to maintain it properly so that it lasts. Use these pointers to sustain its longevity and experience the best pleasure for years to come. 

  • After every use, make sure you flush out the SuperSkin sleeve with hot water to remove any residue. 
  • DO NOT use soap. Hot water is adequate to clean it. 
  • Apply a few sprays of FleshWash, the official cleaning product.
  • Once rinsed well, shake off excess water and let your Fleshlight air dry. 
  • Then use Fleshlight Renewing Powder. This helps maintain the toy’s elasticity and silky texture. 
  • Use a Fleshlight with a good-quality water-based lubricant to intensify the pleasure. DO NOT use silicone lubes.  
There are a lot of Fleshlight products. In fact, the choices can be overwhelming. If you wish to buy one in Canada or the US, browse our range of curated Fleshlight products. Then get ready to have a great time.