Sexplosion in the Shower – Steamy Shower Sex Tricks You Need To Try Now!

Having sex in the shower sounds pretty hot, right? Steam, bathtubs, and warm water showers – everything is so suggestive of a fulfilling encounter, but wait…. What with the soap in the wrong place and both of you getting bruised? In fact, there are a lot of horror stories on how shower sex went all wrong

The good news is, if you and your partner get it right, the climax could be amazing, leaving you gasp for more. Attaining the right position might seem difficult at first, but once you get familiar with the possible risks and their preventive tactics, you won’t think of anything better. There are a bevy of tricks for safe shower sex, which will definitely cut your work into half. So, are you ready? Unbutton your shirt, get the tap running and surrender to the heavenly bliss of shower sex.

Gear Up for Safety

These days, a lot of homes have stand up showers i.e. no bathtub extension to support you. Consider treading the safe way with modern ‘sex in the shower’ accessories. From shower suction hand cuffs to locking suction handles, there are so many accessories available to ensure your safety.  Moreover, a bit of bondage (hand cuffs) will bring twist to your otherwise regular intimacy. So, gear up and enjoy some gushing orgasms!

Dump the soap or any other lathering agent

When talking of shower sex, what is that one scene that appears in your mind? It could be two naked, beautiful, soapy bodies engaged in a lip lock session – or perhaps two wet bodies slipping against each other as they struggle to find a comfortable fucking position. While that may sound really perfect, it’s important to consider the risk factor. After all, who would want to slip and hurt himself mid-thrust?

Treating each other to some good lather sounds fun, but it’s actually hazardous. Always rinse clean of any soap or lather on your body, before trying any sexual move. Remember, your bathroom is already slippery (with all the water and soap), and two slippery bodies attempting sex would only increase the possibility of slip and fall accidents. No acrobatics guys!

Keep a pack of silicone lube handy

If you’re planning to get steamy in water, remember that any natural lube will get washed away easily. It’s only wise to use silicone lube for while it might seem shocking, water rips off moisture from your skin making lubricants more essential than they generally are. This should make your shower sexperience safer and more pleasurable.