Sun’s Out, Bums Out! 5 Quirky Ways to Sizzle Up Your Spring Sex

If spring is near, can sex be far away? Well, this isn’t surely an age-old adage, but if you’re here and reading this blog, you’ll surely relate to this. I mean, literally! And oh yes, this makes so much sense. After all, the switch of the seasons does have an impact on our moods, and possibly on our sex drives too.

As temperatures soar, so does your libido. We inquired several urologists and sexual health experts, and almost all of them agreed to the fact that spring has its own way of putting people in the mood. As winter departs, we shed our warmers, work out more, and bask in the warmth of the sun. This, in turn, increases blood flow to your body, and elevates your mood, aka endorphins. So, now you see that there’s a valid and scientific reason behind that spring fever.

How to make the most of this Super Sexy Season?

Just do it! There are real health benefits to being sexually active, and people in intimate relationships actually live longer. With the mood and temperature all set, what’s better time to get laid than in spring? While sex is mostly fun, there are definitely ways to perk it up and make the session a little more exciting. Here’s how you can do it.

Plan A Sexciting Date

Get out of that couch, put down the remote control, turn off your mobile phones and spend some quality we-time. If you’re bored of movies nights, just swap it for a rooftop candle dinner, or a romantic walk by the beach.  You could also try something different like surfing or beach volleyball. There’s nothing sexier than reliving your relationship and bonding with your partner on an outdoor date. And wait, we’re curious about what you do indoors once you get back home. Do keep us updated! 😉

Get that booty working

This one is for girl empowerment, right on the bed. My ladies, being in control of your sexual pleasure is a victorious and empowering feeling. Now that winter has departed and you’re left with the uninvited flab, it’s time to get in shape and awaken the sexual goddess in you. Come on, who doesn’t want a true seductress on bed? While you get ready to lure your man to bed and get him drooling, don’t forget to train your pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises with weighted kegel balls will tighten your pelvic muscles and help you enjoy more intense and long-lasting orgasms. So, get up and hit the floor. Sex labor is never lost!

Dress to kill

If you’re suave, sophisticated and dolled up, it definitely makes you feel like a sex bomb. Whether you’re stepping out for a dinner or plunging right into your bed, your dress should be right on point. You can either go for the cliché LBD or try a red dress with a low neckline. If you’re still running out of options, relax! We’re here to help you with a range of sexy dress and lingerie. You can never go wrong with one of these. Go, get one and provoke his “hungry eyes” with a sizzling attire. Men, beware!

Go the bondage way

It’s spring, and there’s no easier way to spice up your love life than with a naughty game of ‘let’s pretend.’ Once in a while, it’s good to don a new avatar in the bedroom. Let go of your conscious self and experience an all new adventure. Be the boss or play the submissive sex slave in your very own erotic plot. Just a few simple bondage accessories like hand cuffs, blinds and ball gags can do the trick for amateurs. However, if you’re considering something extreme, you can always go for it. The choice is all yours.

Add some flavor to your game

Nothing arouses the genitals like some good oral sex. Luckily, there are flavored lubes available that will enhance the sensual experience of oral sex. Just choose a flavor of your choice and get going.

Now that you have a bunch of little known sources to spice your sex life, get into a sensual mindset and let your flirty heart have its way. A small note of advice – the next time you hear from your ex and he sounds unusually romantic, just check the calendar. It might just be the spring fever!