Hydromax X40 More Toys Bathmate
Hydromax X40 More Toys Bathmate
Hydromax X40 More Toys Bathmate
Hydromax X40


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Product Features :

  • 35% more suction
  • Penis exerciser is 15% bigger than its former model
  • Phthalate free, skin-safe ,medical grade materials
  • Stronger and more durable but also gives more flexibility
  • Super soft comfort pads
  • Provides tighter and more comfortable seal
  • Provides a strong and sturdy shield around penis
  • Comfort pads are completely removable for easy cleaning and general hygiene.

Upheld by male sexual health experts, different sexual health journals and many other satisfied users, the BathMate HydroMax X40 is all that you need to increase the strength, size and overall appearance of your penis. Working on a unique hydro-technology, this penis exerciser is 15% bigger than its former model, Hydromax X30, and offers 35% more suction than the Hercules member of the Bathmate range. To use, simply attach the comfort insert to the cylinder and click the black pip to the center. Now fill the pump with water and then gently place the penis inside the cylinder to form a tight seal. Pump to activate the bellows and create your desired suction level. Gentle yet highly effective, this pump works by drawing blood to your penis and its surrounding tissues, resulting in a firm erection that lasts for a long time. Make sure that the testicles rest outside the chamber while you’re at your pumping job.

Colour: Aqua Blue

Manufacturer: BathMate (UM Products)