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Luna Beads - More Toys
Luna Beads - More Toys
Luna Beads - More Toys
Luna Beads - More Toys
Luna Beads


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Product Features:
  • Weighted Ben-Wa balls
  • Silicone harness holds 2 kegel balls
  • Includes 4 balls with 2 weights
  • Strengthens kegel muscles
  • Enhances control for more powerful orgasms
  • Natural movement with rubber silenced inner balls
  • Discreet design
  • Hygienic materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Body-safe
  • FDA-Approved materials
  • Phthalate Free
  • Convenience and fitness combined
  • Responsive movement encouraged vibrations
  • Comfortable and safe everytime you use

The ideal way to charge up your sex life, the Lelo Luna Beads help tone your pelvic floor muscles that ultimately result in stronger orgasms for the user. The set includes two 28g and two 37g beads, which can be mixed and matched according to your user experience and comfort level. Start with the lighter balls and gradullay move on to the weightier balls to intensify your training and pleasure. Inside each ball there are free roaming weights that roll and jiggle inside you with every move, causing your pelvic muscles to contract and relax. You can use the kegel balls with or without the holder, which also comes with an easy-to-use retrieval cord. From staying in control of your bladder to prenatal and postnatal care, these kegel balls work wonders! Wear them during your regular activities and let those little balls work magic on your body.

Colour: Pink and Blue

Materials: ABS beads, Silicone harness

1.4" ball diameter, 3.5"x1.4"x0.6" girdle
Mini: 1.1" ball diameter, 3"x1.2"x0.4" girdle
Note that the size does not affect the weight of the included balls.

Included in the box:

  • 2x 28g beads
  • 2x 37g beads
  • Silicone Harness
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

Download User Manual

Manufacturer: LELO