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Mr. & Mrs. Trivia Card Game


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  • An ultimate test of how well the bride and the groom know each other
  • Great for bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • For anniversary parties
  • 54 questions each for the bride and groom

How well do you know the person you are going to go down the aisle with? The Mr. & Mrs. Trivia Card Game from Kheper Games tests yours and your SO’s knowledge about each other. Whether you are about to get married and spending the ‘last night out’ or you have been married for a while, these hilarious and fun questions can only be answered if you know your partner well.

An ice breaker at parties, this game is a fun way to test how close the bride and groom are to each other. Ask the couple to fill out the cards without consulting each other. And then verify the answers from the cards. Love is a beautiful journey and this card game will show the way for the beautiful couple.

Manufacturer: Kheper Games

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