Pink Lady Original Mouth Masturbators Fleshlight
Pink Lady Original Mouth


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  • Removable sleeve
  • Realistic materials
  • Phthalates free
  • Waterproof
  • Smooth inner walls
  • Black coloured case
  • Flesh colour sleeve
  • Body-safe

The Pink Mouth Original Fleshlight is thoughtfully created for all those men who love a really good felatio when required. With it's ultra realistic details and plushy soft, realistic textured Superskin you'll feel like you have this amazing blow job queen all to yourself. With the Fleshlight interior, you'll feel a tighter narrow canal filled with "smooth" texture will have you all wrapped up in pleasure, and helps you last longer in bed even with the most intense stimulation. The bottom cap plays a great part with these Fleshlights as well, by twisting the cap you can change the grip on the Fleshlight which gives it a more realistic experience than ever before. The Superskin materials is out of this world for being a masturbator, you'll have to feel it to believe it. It's soft, stretchy and warm to the touch, going a little further than that, If you place your masturbator in warm or cold water for a few minutes you can add different sensations to yourself and your fleshlight. The Fleshlight packaging is even a bonus. The case is styled like a traditional flashlight and once you place the lid on the top no one can see that this is a masturbator, it's easy to keep the secret all to yourself. Plus you can wedge the fleshlight into any couch, chair, pillow, bed or Fleshlight stand (sold separately) for added convenience.

Fleshlight Forever: Care instructions for cleaning and maintaining your Fleshlight; Carefully remove the fleshlight from the case, rinse under warm water (do not add soap). If desired add an antibacterial toy cleaner to the Fleshlight and rinse. Let dry completely before storing back into the case.

Materials: Patented Superskin materials

Dimensions: 10 in x 3 in (inner wall girth, stretches)

Manufacturer: Fleshlight