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Wedding Absurd Comparisons


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  • Bachelor/bachelorette or wedding related party game
  • 96 absurd questions
  • 107 absurd answer cards
  • 1 8-sided dice
  • 1 rule card

Add a touch of humor to any bachelor/bachelorette party with this hilarious card game. The Wedding Absurd Companions from Kheper Games can set up a laugh riot with its fun questions and answers. One person asks the listed questions, and other players produce the most hilarious answer from the answer cards. The most hilarious answer wins that round. With immense number of possibilities that this game offers, it can start off a real fun evening towards a naughty end. You are only limited by your imagination with this game. An unlimited number of players can play this game.

Includes 96 Absurd Questions and 107 Absurd Answer cards, 1 diamond-shaped 8-sided die, and 1 rule card.

Manufacturer: Kheper Games