10 very discreet sex toys. Discover which one is right for you!

Discreet sexual journeys are most definitely a bucket list moment for people who love to embark on sexual glory even when in a public space. 

If you have ever thought of indulging in public sexual pleasure, but are not exactly sure which discreet sex toy would be the best for your travelling sexual journeys. Our Cupid Boutique adult store offers some amazing discreet sex toys that are perfect for discreet public sex acts.

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In search of quiet vibrators and the most powerful discreet sex toy that can be tucked away for your own mental satisfaction is high on the list of those who seek sex acts in public. After all, guilty pleasures in public don’t include getting caught. 

The Purpose of Discreet Sex Toys

Indulging in pleasure on the go should be an easy task, no matter if you are planning a baecation, a sexy solo getaway, or just taking a day at the beach and wanting to make sure you are prepared for anything. 

A travel-friendly discreet sex toy is a great way to be sure that your little secret stays a secret. 

Travel-friendly sex toys have completely evolved over time however, the search for a silent vibrator is few and far between; today you have several options to choose from in the discreet sex toy category

Where can you use a discreet sex toy? Discreet sex toys were designed for long-lasting wear and feature many benefits for sexual urges during travels like pack-and-play options, rechargeable options and waterproof as well. 

You can use your discreet sex toy;

  • On a Girl's Night Out
  • At a bachelorette party
  • While on vacation
  • Attending a divorce party
  • Discreet sex in public 
  • During mixed singles nights
  • During romantic getaways
  • A day at the beach
  • While running weekly errands
  • On date nights with your partner

To help you with the search for your new discreet sex toy, Cupid Boutique has a top 10 list of very discreet sex toys. This list contains discreet sex toys for women, discreet sex toys for men, and discreet sex toys for couples who enjoy public sex acts without the letdowns of getting caught. 

10 Very Discreet Sex Toys

  1. Mini Massage Wands:
    These petite, quiet yet powerful massagers can help you discreetly soothe those clitoral urges in no time in public spaces. A quick orgasm in the bathroom, during public foreplay or over lunch break is a simple task with massager wands. This discreetly sized Royal Mini Wand Massager is sure to be your favourite travel-friendly mini massage wand.
  2. Rose Quartz Wand Massagers:
    There are non-vibrating rose quartz wand massagers that can be taken on air travels, during cruise ship travels and so much more. They are the safest discreet sex toy to travel with, yet are packed with many sexual benefits. For one, it is a massager to soothe sore muscles, and can be heated and cooled, but also can be used as a clitoral massager or a vaginal or anal probe. Plus, it doesn’t even resemble a sex toy! 
  3. Glass Sex Toys:
    Borosilicate glass is a very discreet and travel-friendly sex toy material which is durable enough to sustain travels, yet discreet enough to not be too noticeable if packing it in luggage. Discreet glass sex toys such as; glass butt plugs, glass anal probes, and glass dildos are built for long-lasting wear so the user can also wear them during outings in public or while indulging in public sexual fantasy acts. 
  4. Clitoral stimulator and sleeve kit:
    No matter if for solo pleasure or for couple’s shared sexual pleasure, a clitoral stimulator and sleeve kit is always a great way to explore erotic fantasies during travels, or public sexual acts. The kit contains a wireless bullet-sized stimulator which can come in battery-powered or USB rechargeable, and it is accompanied by sleeves which have a variety of textures, shapes, and purposes. 
  5. Wireless Remote Control Kits:
    The more discreet the features are, the less likely someone will catch on to your little sexual secret. With this Silicone Adventure Set, you get two discreet sex toys, with two discreet remotes. There is a vibrating cock ring for him and a vibrating plug for your partner. Each discreet sex toy can be controlled with the wireless nonconscious remote or the simple push-button watch remotely. 
  6. Remote-Controlled Butt Plugs:
    If you are an avid anal sex lover, then using a remote-controlled butt plug in public is most definitely a must-do on your sexual bucket list. A discrete anal toy like this Novice Silicone Butt Plug can be worn for long periods of time, it is no bigger than a finger and fits comfortably between the cheeks for the utmost safety and discreetness. It is remote controlled so once the plug is in place, you can activate the vibration features with a touch of the wireless remote control. 
  7. Remote-Controlled Kegel Balls/Wearable Vibrator:
    A really fun and exciting way to get sexual pleasure in public is with an insertable or wearable vibrator. Using a wearable vibrator such as this Top Secret Wearable vibrator can provide internal and external pleasure with a quiet and powerful motor. Perfect for those date nights with your partner, not only does this wearable vibrator have self-contained features, you can connect it to a smartphone via Bluetooth the sync with other programs and music playlists as well. Discreetness at best!

If you would prefer a more exercised approach to public sex acts with discreet sex toys, I highly suggest checking out this Double Time Weighted Remote Kegel Ball. Get your pleasure and exercise in one with this discreetly vibrating remote-controlled kegel ball that can be worn for extended periods and is so discreet you’ll forget you’re wearing it. 

  1. Wireless Remote Control Cock Rings:
    What is good for the gander is also good for the goose. There are many styles of wireless remote control cock rings a penis owner can use during public sex acts. A perfect option is this Powerful One Penis Ring, this not only has self-contained pre-programmed functions but it also connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth where you can play, create and sync your cock ring to a music playlist. It’s great for never-ending options. 
  2. Disposable Masturbator Eggs:
    When thinking travel-friendly and discreet toys the first thing that comes to mind for a discreet sex toy that is absolutely travel-friendly no matter where you go, is the Satisfyer Masturbator Eggs. Created as a one-time-use masturbator that is so discreet it doesn’t even look like a sex toy. Each egg has an intricate textured interior and can stretch to fit most erect members, plus has a hydro-active coating which doesn’t require lubricant, simply add spit or water to experience the slippery sensations.
  3. Discreet Vibrating Panties Sets:
    Who doesn’t love lingerie and vibrating sex toys in one complete package? With the HookUp Collection, you can find your favourite style of panty, plus it is accompanied by a vibrating butt plug, or/and a clitoral stimulator which is also activated by the wireless remote control. You can choose from G-string panties, pearl bead panties, high-waist garter panties and of course crotchless panties to suit your public sex attire. 

FAQ About Discreet Sex Toys

What type of sex toy can I wear on a date night?

Vibrating panties are a great way to spice up date nights, keep it discreet or let them know for a wild night of passion. 

My friend is having a bachelorette party, is a discreet sex toy a good gift?

A vibrating remote-controlled wearable vibrator is a great way to spice up any girl’s night out. 

How can I indulge in anal sex that won’t get me caught out in public?

Try a butt plug that is for beginners, since they are not very big, it will feel more natural. 

My partner likes outdoor sex, what is a good cock ring for public sex foreplay?

A remote control cock ring would be the perfect solution for discreet sex toy use in public. 

If I want to travel with my sex toy what are some features to look for?

You can look for discreet sex toys that are rechargeable and are noted as travel-friendly.