Shock Therapy


      Do you want to discover a whole new level of BDSM play sensations in the world of bondage and fetish electro-sex? Look no further, we have all you need to excite yourself or your partner with pleasurable electric shocks that send arousing sensations all over your body! 

      Shock Therapy is great for soothing tired and sore muscles, but it is also amazing to send love zaps between two electrifying people!

      These shock therapy bondage and fetish devices can help boost your BDSM play and decrease erectile dysfunction symptoms by increasing your penile muscle usage. 

      Electro-stimulation bondage and fetish devices can help partners break through fetish barriers as well. The skies are the limit during sexual play with shock therapy electro-sex devices and accessories. 

      Choose from internationally known collections such as ElectraStim Shock Therapy, Impulse Shock Therapy, or Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy devices. Find all your electrifying sex toys with Cupid Boutique, your one-stop sex shop!
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