Edible Undies


      Lick it, stick it and taste it. When you shop with Cupid Boutique, you will find that we have lots of tasty treats for you and your partner to enjoy. 

      You can find edible pasties, and edible panties to boost your sex sessions and add flavor to your decadent human dessert. 

      There are two sizes to choose from, a long pasty which can be placed over the labia of the vagina for a decadent reveal, or a set of two pasties for nipple covering or other lickable spots. 

      Our adult sex store carries the tastiest edible lingerie in the form of edible pasties, with fun and fruity or minty flavors to choose from, these sticky pasties and edible panties are sure to keep them licking.

      To use these seductive tasty pasties, place on any body part to direct your partner where you want to be licked most. These edible lingerie stickers come in an array of flavors such as cinnamon, cherry or winter mint.
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