Oils, Creams, & Candles


      Indulge in arousal bliss with a natural essential candle, oil or cream. Set the mood, fill the air with a delicious aroma and soothe your massage desires. Choose essential oil candles from SHUNGA as their massage candles come in 6 delicious scents to please your senses.

      Give your lover an erotic massage with edible massage oils that taste as delicious as is feels. Or indulge in aromatherapy massage oils that contain organic extracts and natural oils.

      Boost your intimate massages with warming massage scented oils that are paraben, gluten, and sugar free. Heighten intimate pleasure senses with exquisite flavors such as Cherry, Raspberry, Caramel or Chocolate.

      Enjoy the pleasure of giving or receiving sensual massages with erotic massage oil that contains cold-pressed oils and Vitamin E as an antioxidant. Rejuvenates on contact and leaves you with healthy glowing skin. 

      Look below to find spectacular massage oils, massage creams and massage candles to spice up your intimate moments.

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