Pump Accessories


      Sex isn’t always about winning or losing, but performance does matter! And when it comes to penis pumps, we know that every man wants to be harder and bigger. 

      Use a penis pump to safely enhance your penis length and girth, experience undeniable suction pleasure with a penis pump replacement sleeve that has uniquely textured chambers and can be interchanged to boost penis pumping experiences. 

      These universal sleeves and donuts are meant to add to your suction and pump compression to maximize your pump session each and every time. 

      Pump donut replacements are plenty but we have some in store that replicate the softest skin, with a plush and inviting opening to please you with every inch. Find all your pump donut replacements right here with Cupid Boutique

      You'll find the Optimum Series Pump accessories and interchangeable pump replacement sleeves needed to keep your pleasure pumps at maximum performance. Our accessories maintain pleasure, so place your order today!