Cloning Kits


      Make your own dildo with a Clone-A-Kit. These fun and exciting penis replica kits are an awesome way to keep your partner’s privates as close to you as you can, regardless if they are near or far. 

      With a Clone-A-Kit, you can make your own dildo with a penis mold called clone-a-willy in any color you desire for a custom dildo that can be reused. Be sure to add the multi-speed vibrating unit for a more personalized pleasure clone.

      Do you have a special vagina you want to always carry with you? Try a one-of-a-kind pussy mold called clone-a-pussy to recreate your very own masturbator. There is also an edible pussy Clone-A-Kit, in which you make edible pussy chocolates, in the shape of your favorite vulva.

      Cupid Boutique proudly offers Clone-A-Kits in both penis and vagina molds. Shop our Cloning Kits categories for all your orifice replicating needs,even the chocolate kind.