Your clitoris holds the key to some memorable orgasms. That’s no surprise given that it contains more than 8,000 nerve endings. And at Cupid Boutique, you can find a wide range of clitoral massagers and other stimulators to arouse this super-sweet spot.

      At Cupid Boutique, our products are meant to satisfy. We also know that the female orgasm can be elusive for some, while a few tickles and tingles on their clitoris are all some people need. Fortunately, our online store has the best vibrating massagers in Canada, for anyone with a clitoris. From the much-loved We-Vibe Touch to the Purple Pleasure, we have it all!

      While everyone deserves oral sex, it’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable at the thought of your partner going down on you. So, for you, we have the Lelo Ora 2 Insignia. This petite, stylishly designed toy encircles the clit perfectly to provide just the right kind of pulsations. The best thing about these massagers is that you can use them on all your erogenous zones, alone or with your partner!

      Other massagers are primarily for the actual massage. The Inspire Remote Breast Massager fits under the breast or over nipples and uses vibration patterns to alleviate breast pain and tenderness. Such massagers are discreet and can fit right inside your bag in case you are a regular traveler.

      So, whatever your need, simply browse through our massagers to find the sensation you want and deserve.

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