Lubes & Massage


      Whether to aid the use of your personal sex toys, couples sex, or masturbation sessions, personal lubricants are a must to enhance pleasure and comfort. Choose whatever you desire in a personal lubricant. There are many types of lubes available for your play sessions. 

      Some choices include; water-based lubricants, silicone based lubricants, soothing anal lubricant or hybrid lubricant, allowing you to explore a wealth of options. You can also choose to stimulate your senses with flavored lubricant or an edible lube which is great for sexual pleasure or and can double as a massage oil for an intimate massage.

      There are many more sensual delights from erotic bath crystals, to massage kits and body toppings. Set the mood and explore our intimate massage boosting options, with massage oils, candles, and creams with different effects and scents.

      With Cupid Boutique’s broad range of Lubes and Massage, your solo play and intimate encounters will be that much sexier. Browse through our products and place an order to make your fun fantastic!
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