Masks & Blinders


      When you want to indulge in sight restriction play with your partner, you can use a BDSM blindfold. Captivate your submissive partner by using a mask/blinder to deprive them of sight and make them rely on other senses.

      Use a blackout BDSM mask that completely restricts eyesight leaving them in suspenseful darkness. Try some kinky sex ideas while they are fully blindfolded to create the utmost in BDSM play.  

      Use a lace hood BDSM mask, or BDSM blindfold to heighten pleasure senses, and top it off with a sexy lace bodysuit, to check off the list of new sexy things to try.

      Masks and blinders come in leather blindfolds, lace blindfolds, and satin love masks. So versatile both dominant and submissive players can wear during reverse role playing and sight restriction indulging sessions.

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