Gender Expression


      Expressing yourself through the way you dress or behave is an important part of being you, and accepting your sexual preference as how you feel instead of how you look. 

      Gender expression and sex positive sex toys are a great way for you to live how you freely feel about who you are. With gender expression sex toys, you can maintain a sex positive and sustain a confident attitude while wearing a FTM packer for Trans Men silicone packer strap-ons

      Find comfort in your day to day world with a packer and jock strap combo which allows you pack your outfits with packer FTM essentials strap-on. They are completely life-like and can assist with urinating and sexual intercourse. 

      Besides FTM essentials like silicone packer strap-ons we also offer a boost in the breasts or butt areas, you can also find MTF essentials like see through bras, with breast prosthesis, or a padded panty to thicken the hips and buttocks under casual clothing wear.