Massage Kits


      Massage kits can create erotic and romantic adventures between couples in just a single application. These indulgent kits contain edible massage oils, erotic massage oils and massage candles to set the mood and start your romantic evening for two.

      Celebrate sexy time while using a warming aphrodisiac oil to soothe your intimate or erotic massage moments that can reduce stress and induce sexual tensions.

      The two-in-one massage candles can work wonders for setting the atmosphere with tempting scents that fill the room, but also once warmed up, can be doubled as an intimate massage oil that is also excellent for retaining skin's moisture and natural properties. 

      Some of these amazing lover’s massage kits contain added goodies like water-based lubricants, and sexual enhancers for you to prolong the sexual intercourse moment, and make it last. 

      Try a Shunga Erotic Art massage kit with body slide massage oils, aphrodisiac oil or an edible massage oil to soothe your playful and intimate massage moments.

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