Wand Accessories


      Sex toy enthusiasts know that the so-called ‘magic wand’ was originally designed to provide relief for aching muscles. But women soon realized its real worth. But did you know that you can also choose from a variety of magic wand-style attachments for better and sexier stimulations? At Cupid Boutique, we have a range of must-have magic wand accessories. 

      The Magic Wand is one of the most important belongings in every vulva owner’s toy toolkit (which is not to say that men can’t benefit from its good vibrations as well!). Now, along with this classic, you can also own several other attachments for similar vibrators for different sensations in your thrill spots. These accessories will surely keep you attached to your wand and make you feel like a real princess! 

      Although the Magic Wand massager is a hot favourite among women, we may get a little, well, used to it. That’s why we have a number of accessories to spice up this special relationship. And each lets you experience a different kind of sensation in your sweetest spots. 

      So, if you are looking for oh-so-amazing sensations, then place an order for some of these stylish and stunning accessories.