Swings & Restraint Systems


      Shop our swings and restraints selection to create the ultimate erotic bondage scene with a bondage swing or under the bed bondage restraints system. 

      These erotic bondage playground must-haves are a great way to spice up your touch deprivation sessions and spice things up with your willing submissive subject. 

      Suspension sex with bondage swings is said to be one of the most intricate forms of sexual play, not only do they make you feel free and lightweight, they also make intercourse more versatile and tons of fun!

      Enjoy gravity-free sex with an easy to use bondage sex swing, or indulge your pleasures with a simple door swing with attached bondage restraints, both are immaculate for gravity-free sexual moves, and easy to store after the fun.

      From bedroom bondage kits to simple hog-tie connectors, you can find all your BDSM dungeon needs right here in our adult sex shop’s swings and restraints.

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