Penis Sleeves & Extensions


      Size does sometimes matter, so if you are interested in a little extra, penis sleeves and extension sex toys may be your answer. At Cupid Boutique, we have a number of different penis sleeves and extenders to go that extra inch (or two)!

      Whether you are dealing with erectile dysfunction or looking to add some extra length or girth, an erection sleeve from Cupid Boutique is a safe and effective way to get bigger faster. We have the best penis sleeve extensions which you can use to add extra girth for more sensation and fun. Penis extender sleeve toys differ in size, style, and material. And at Cupid Boutique, you can get a big penis sleeve, silicone penis sleeve, and much more, at reasonable prices. Some sleeves are smooth, while others are textured like the real thing.

      Every inch counts, which is why an amazing penis extender like the Fantasy X-tensions Perfect can let your partner enjoy deeper penetration. Just keep it nearby for when it’s needed.

      Whether you’re looking for a cage cock ring, a realistic penis sleeve, or a strap-on to spice up your sex life, you can find the perfect fit at Cupid Boutique. Browse through our wide array of options online to place an order with just a few clicks!

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