5 Amazing Benefits of Mutual Masturbation [Infographics]

Amazing Benefits of Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a relatively common sexual practice that’s both exciting and beneficial for the participants.


  1. It’s an Intimate Affair

  2. It’s Pretty Hot

  3. Faster Orgasms than Intercourse

  4. Has Health Benefits

  5. Spices Up a Mundane Love Life


Here Detail Explanation About Benefits of Mutual Masturbation

1) It’s an Intimate Affair

As mutual masturbation requires a certain vulnerability from the participants, it connects the two of you on a deeper level. Also, it’s arguably more intimate than regular sex.

2) It’s Pretty Hot

Mutual masturbation can be even sexier than watching porn or reading an erotic novel! Watching the person you love pleasuring you – and vice versa – can be the ultimate visual treat!

3) Faster Orgasms than Intercourse

Mutual masturbation can come to your rescue when you and your partner are in the mood but don’t have much time. Just a few kisses, some foreplay and lending a hand to one another can lead you two to an orgasmic dreamland!

4) Has Health Benefits

Studies have shown that sex and masturbation have loads of health benefits, including restful sleep, happier mood, clearer skin, and lower stress. This means that mutual masturbation can provide you with the same benefits that a few minutes of regular sex might.

5) Spices Up a Mundane Love Life

If you think your relationship has lost its spark, you can always introduce mutual masturbation to your bedroom. This could be an amazing way to reignite the lost passion between the two of you.

Now you know how mutual masturbation can benefit you and your partner in so many ways.

Why not try it out?

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