5 Best Egg Vibrators that are Discreet and fun to use!

Let’s talk about the Egg Vibrator! These unique styled sex toys have many benefits besides vibration variation! These mini vibrators are available through most sexshops across the globe. They vary in sizes and function and materials but they all have one thing in common. They Are FUN!
Allow me to detail the benefits of using egg vibrator sex toys since there are many models available for women in today’s market. The whole purpose of this is to allow the user to play in a more discreet manner rather than trying to hide the larger sized vibrators. One major benefit to using egg sex toys (sextoys) is that you are able to practice your Kegel exercises during pleasure. Since the egg sits inside the vagina causing muscle contractions it is similar to Kegel balls. This factor is also true when you use eggs from an Alien Egg Dildo.

3 Popular Egg Vibrators

Magic Egg 2.0

An overly popular egg sex toys that has been circulating the market would be the Magic Egg 2.0. It is also known as the Alive 10 function remote control vibrating love egg. The Magic Egg 2.0 sextoy started its popularity because of the wireless remote control functions. This allows the user to play without touching the buttons of the egg and by using the remote it becomes more discreet and allows the wearer to participate in daily activities while being pleasured. It is listed as a pink egg vibrator, love egg sex toy. The Magic Egg 2.0 can be used for self-pleasure and kinky couple’s play! Go ahead, don’t be shy!

REMOJI Diver Egg

There is a Bluetooth Egg Vibrator from PicoBong called REMOJI egg diver that can operate your sex toys through a Bluetooth connection where you or your partner can help with stimulation to promote orgasm, by using voice commands, music or programmed settings you two can have endless fun again and again. So versatile you can even use it in or around water because this particular toy has waterproof or submersible features. Can be used for self-pleasure and couples play, it makes a great beginner’s sex toys!

Lyla 2 Insignia Egg

Lyla 2 Insignia Luxury egg vibrator and functions a bit differently. She is powered by SenseMotion Technology which means not only do you get the luxury of button controls you also get to control it using hand motions. SenseMotion Technology allows the user to turn on and increase or decrease speed variables with movement as well as touching increase and decrease buttons, and makes it a whole lot more fun when you watch her blush from a flick of the wrist. The wearer can do these motions themselves or give the remote to their partner. By hand movement side to side or up and down in a vigorous motion the wearer can feel the intense vibrations. It is amazing for Kegels, and an excellent way for couples to spice up the fun. 

Each of these egg vibrator sextoys are very easy to use and maintain regardless if you are a new user or a sexual aficionado you can find your delightful pleasures quickly. With silicone materials and luxury motors they will last you a long time. But how do you use one? Can you use a vibrating egg in public? When I buy an Egg Vibrator how to use it? These are questions that are most popular when discussing egg vibrator so I will answer those for you. Egg Vibrators How to Use: You will notice that most egg vibrators come in two parts:  an egg shaped vaginal bullet which you insert and a hand held remote control which allows you to play hands-free. Before you insert, power and sync the two pieces. You can then go ahead and insert the bullet (egg) and touch the power button when you are ready. Start with a low speed and graduate to a higher or stronger speed or variation that feels best to you. It may take some time to get used to, which is totally normal. Using a Vibrating egg in public seems to be popular these days. You can wear the egg and self stimulate when no one is watching or give the remote to your partner which can spice up a meeting, a dinner or a night out dancing.

Ovipositor Kink

This type of kink is not your average kink, but it still exists. Ovipositor kink consists of a hollow dildo that can release eggs and during stimulation those eggs can be left inside the vagina. This kink style lets the user that has an egg laying fetish to succeed above and beyond with their fetish needs! Here are two unique egg dildo:

Alien Egg Dildo

Ovipositor dildos can be shaped like many foreign objects, this specific one is shaped like an alien penis (hence the name: Alien Egg Dildo), it is hollow and can be filled with glass, PVC, or gelatin eggs and then inserted into the vagina. Other egg dildos may consist of tentacles or even dragon dildo eggs (see below).

Dragon Dildo Eggs

These Dragon Dildo Eggs and dildo sets are similar to the Alien Egg Dildo, except the penis looks like it belongs on a dragon (or so they say because I have honestly never seen one!). They come in many styles, shapes and colors. They all are able to provide the utmost pleasure in Ovipositor fetish seekers. When the woman is almost complete with her orgasm she can push the dragon dildo eggs from the hollow dildo and then after orgasm can release the eggs one by one to fulfill her pleasure. This practice is very similar to some Kegel Ball exercises as well. 

You can google search Ovipositor Kink, Alien Egg Dildo sextoys, or Dragon Dildo eggs sextoys if you want to learn more! 

A Final Note!

Do not be afraid to try these vibrating egg sextoys if you have never tried one, they are amazing for discreet pleasures, and boosting alone time with your partner! You can even learn more about your own pleasure by using something a little different from the norm.