5 Best Male Masturbators Available (Hands Off for Fun!)

The world of male masturbators is a diverse one. Some are realistic; others are non-anatomical. They include strokers, Fleshlights, penis enlargement pumps, cock rings, and prostate massagers… the list goes on.

So, which is best for you? Whether you are new to these toys or an expert, you have plenty of options.

To start, let’s look at five of the best.

5 Best Options of Male Masturbators 9

At Cupid Boutique, we have a large selection of sex toys for men, which is why we have curated this list of our best-selling male masturbators from our website.

1. Pink Lady Stamina Masturbator Fleshlight

If you are on the hunt for realism, this Fleshlight is for you. The Pink Lady Stamina Fleshlight will keep you harder for longer! This unbelievably realistic vagina has an ultra stimulating channel with great textures and bumps that will teach you to last longer. No wonder it’s hugely popular among Fleshlight lovers worldwide!

2. PDX Blowjob Power Pump

This combined stroker and penis enlargement pump provide suction stimulation to make your shaft stronger, bigger, and harder in no time! This penis pump toy can boost your confidence from the very first use. It consists of a transparent chamber that will let you measure your progress as your shaft expands with pleasure.

3. Lacey’s Travel Tush

Interested in anal? Then this could be your ultimate sex toy! Lacey’s Travel Tush is made with super-stretchable, skin-like silicone which feels like the real skin of porn star Lacey London’s ass. Rock your cock up this tight ass-shaped toy to cum every time!

4. Optimum Power Masturball

This feature-packed vibrating stroker uses a chamber filled with ticklers that feel oh-so-great with your very first use! The ball has a precision grip that allows you to maneuver it the way that works for you. The powerful motor stimulates your shaft perfectly with intense pulses and vibrations. 

5. PDX Plus Perfect DD's Stroker Masturbator

If you crave a more realistic feeling when pleasuring yourself, this mega masturbator is designed for the maximum rapture. Its Fanta Flesh is just like real skin, and its realistic orifices feel like fucking the real thing! Its 36 DD breasts are soft and supple, and the two tight holes will massage every inch of your shaft. So, for a realistic thrusting experience, this one is guaranteed to become your go-to masturbator!

So, now that you have a fair idea about how to make masturbation amazing, place an order with us. We ship right to your door with absolute discretion. Also, make sure to invest in some toy cleaners to maintain their hygiene.