5 Things to Keep in Mind About E-Stim (a.k.a. Shock Therapy)

Erotic electrostimulation (e-stim) provides electric stimulation to the body (not just the genitals!) for sexual gratification. However, it can be dangerous if not performed properly. Here are five important things to keep in mind while partaking in so-called erotic ‘shock therapy’.

Do Not Stimulate Areas Above the Waist 

Doing this could be fatal as it can create an electric current across the heart which could be dangerous. So, if you think a shock therapy toy would be perfect for nipple stimulation, get that idea out of your head! 

Don’t Go DIY for E-stim

In 2021, one man electrocuted himself while masturbating with an electric wire attached to him. Be very safe and only use proper shock therapy toys designed for human use during BDSM play. 

Don’t Try Shock Therapy While Drunk

Alcohol usually increases the threshold for pain and impairs judgment, which can lead to using too much intensity. This can be dangerous for you or your partner. 

Only Use Water-Based Lube During E-stim

Oil-based or silicone lubes may act as insulators with an electric shock therapy toy. E-stim requires a safe lube that can prevent any risk of high-current skin issues. For, e.g., the Impulse Wand E-stimulator will feel amazing with the Swiss Navy Water lube. 

Be Patient and Go Slow

E-stim-enhanced orgasms can be pretty great, but aren’t necessarily the goal! Instead, go easy and enjoy the sensations created during your shock therapy play sessions. 

So, now that you know the basics of shock therapy for sexual pleasure, why not choose some amazing BDSM toys from Cupid Boutique?


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