6 Must have sex toys for partnered play that are also LGBTQ-friendly!

Have you ever wondered what sex toys would be a perfect match for your sexual desires between partners regardless if you are looking for straight sex toys, gay sex toys, lesbian sex toys or a mix of both?

Maybe you are feeling adventurous and would like a new toy that you can share with a partner? 

At Cupid Boutique we celebrate every month like its Pride Month! Our adult toy store loves to help those who are interested in seeking new heights of pleasure and always up for a sexual adventure!

Bit by bit we are building our gay sex shop so you can find items quickly and efficiently. 

Our Canadian adult store carries tons of straight sex toys, gay sex toys, lesbian sex toys, gender neutral sex toys, and of course sexual wellness products for your everyday sexual aid needs.

We also have a category directly assisting gay sex shop. But how do you identify the difference between gay sex toys, lesbian sex toys and heterosexual sex toys?

There are many toys that are guide lined for heterosexual use and those toys can also help LGBTQ partnered couples the same way! Even though we have sex toys that are designed for specific sexual audience doesn’t mean another person can use it.

Take the Fleshlight for gay men for example; you don’t need to be gay to use one however they are designed for male gay sex toys. Allow me to explain what I mean. 


Remote Control Sex Toys:

A remote control sex toy allows heterosexual and gay couple’s to play together or separately. Remote controlled toys are great if you are both in the same living space, using remote control sex toys can allow a hint of surprises while in use.

Try them yourself, or hand the remote to your partner for an excellent night of foreplay, sexual surprises and of course orgasms!

A great example of a remote control sex toy is the Silicone Remote Vibrating Adventure Set; this set allows couple’s to play without boundaries. It gives couples two sets of vibrating sex toys with remotes.

Side note: this looks like a very fun toy set! Consider this set as one of the best gay toys available as it is very versatile. 

Another fantastic remote control sex toys would be the Eve’s G-Spot Thumper Clit Motion Massager this toy is a great way to ensure your female partner gets all the pleasure with a little help from the remote control which you can take the power of her orgasm in the palm of your hands. This is an excellent lesbian sex toy.

Strap-on Harness Kits:

Strap-On harness kits are an excellent way to add flavor to your intimate sessions. These easy to use a versatile sex toys can build a night of pure ecstasy and a whole lot of fun!

If you are a heterosexual couple you can get hollow dildos for the man that allows him to also feel pleasure. However there are Strap-On harnesses for lesbiansex with toys as well. 

If you want to invest in a strap-on harness kit there are some amazing sets available that have tons of attachments that can be interchanged. For Example this Vac-U-Lock Dual Density Extreme Set gives you the harness plus the attachments and plugs. Everything you need to start your harness strap-on adventure.

There are also harness sets that are sexual toys for lesbians who like feminine masculine sex toys. These sets are slightly different and are called “packers”. These can be used for many reasons, but mostly are worn by those without a penis.

It gives the visual that they are packing and it can be used for sexual pleasure if desired.  A complete set consists of Packer Gear O-Ring Jock Strap and your choice of a packer for example Packer Gear Silicone Packer Attachment.  

The Magic Wand Sex Toys:

ALL THE GLORY and the pleasure! The Magic Wand is nothing new in the sex toy world since it launched in 1976 it has been a pleasure product for those seeking extreme levels of sexual gratification.

Even though it was patented as a massager it has since taken over the globe as an official squirting tool! It is rising in popularity as lesbian sex toys because of its powerful clitoral stimulation.

But did you know that couples can use a magic wand to boost pleasure during sexual intercourse and foreplay? Both heterosexual and gay couples can use The Original Magic Wand for vibration therapy on the clitoris and the scrotum. Helping each other build up extra explosive orgasms.

The original is great for at home use, but there is a new and improved version which is also rechargeable. Magic Wand Rechargeable Wand Vibrating Massager it boasts the same strong vibration plus the same sturdy flexible neck and full head except it is rechargeable and can be taken on the go and discreetly recharged wherever you go!

Butt Plug Sex Toys:

There is no orgasm like an anal orgasm! Regardless if you are straight or gay anal sex toys are great way to induce those extra extravagant orgasms from back door play! Some will say the bigger the better but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Training your anus to take a larger girth can also be tons of fun in the process.

A great way to introduce yourself to anal pleasure is to use a small toy that can help you get used to anal penetration. The Cheeky X-6 Silicone Anal Beads is a new product in which I think lots of couples can benefit from.

Shaped like anal beads with a tapered tip for easy insertion and flared base for anal safety. It is unisex so anyone can use it, and it provides a fun and easy way to train the sphincter muscles to relax.

If you are not a fan of anal beads an anal plug may be more suitable for you. A wearable anal plug can stay intact for a long time, and can move with you so that you can feel pleasure in every sense.

Using the Cheeky Swirl Tie-Die Anal Plug is a great way to enhance your anal play no matter if partnered or solo. Anal toys are known to be the best sex toys for gay men.

Connect App Sex Toys:

Connect App sex toys allow partners to play sexually regardless if they are living together or are a few countries apart. Using a connect app sex toy you can connect your toy to your smart phone via Bluetooth and your partner can then be invited by a personal code, once they are connect they can view and use the programmed settings to control the sex toy in use.

A great male sex toys Canada are vibrating cock rings. The Mighty One Silicone Penis Ring Connect App is a great toy for men to use while being intimate with their partner. Since it can be controlled with or without the app you get more versatility while using this vibrating cock ring.

For females that love clitoral stimulation and are also known as great toys for lesbians the We Vibe Gala is a great pleasure seeking toy. Strictly for clitoral or nipple stimulation this sex toy also comes with its own app for you to play solo or add your partner into the mix to help control the settings for surprise orgasms during play. One of the best lesbian sex toys available. 

Dildo Sex Toys:

Dildos are tons of fun on their own! But with a partner they can bring a whole new level of intimate play and wildly fun sex. Since dildos are made for solo, partnered or harness play they are very versatile and can bring tons of fun into the bedroom.

Dildos range in several sizes, shapes, colors and girths. You can choose any dildo for anal or vaginal purposes, plus there is no exact way of using a dildo so the options really are endless. These are known as true versatile gay sex toys.

The King Cock Uncut Realistic Dildo is just one of the many that are harness compatible. Don’t be fooled though they can also be used for hands-free play thanks to their suction cup bases and are wonderful editions to shower sexcapades!

The King Cock Squirting Dildo can bring those fantasies to life. Squirting dildos are like a normal dildo with the ultra-realistic and suction cup base features but there is a slight difference.

They can squirt or ejaculate when the time is right. Using these dildos gives the receiver a very life-like experience and can add a huge boost to fantasies and turn them into realities.