7 Best Sex Positions for Using Sex Toys


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As amazing as sex can be between two people, adding a sex toy or two can bring much more spice to the equation. However, it's not always that simple - you've got to find the right position that pleasures both of you and then find the right sex toys that guarantee you will both be wanting more from each other. If you are new to the world of sex toys, it's time to get some inspiration. Here's seven of the best positions for using sex toys that can get you started on the road to pure sexual pleasure.


If there's any position to get you started in this amazing world with any sex toy, the missionary position is it! Extra bonus points for the guy if you put a cushion underneath your partner's butt here! When engaging in the missionary position, there's plenty of opportunities to add a whole heap of sex toys into the mix. We’re not just talking about a standard vibrator or dildo here but there is the opportunity for both partners to get involved with a whole heap of toys, including butt plugs, harnesses, and pretty much anything you want!

Doggy Style

Sometimes referred to as the Stand Down position, this is a great way for the penetrating partner to stimulate the receiver’s clitoris or penis. If there’s two guys, this the ideal opportunity to add a couple of vibrating cock rings to pleasure both partners at the same time, or if there’s a woman receiving the pleasure, the Rose Suction Clitoral Stimulator Dildo provides a lot of additional delight!

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl position is perfect for the receiving partner to be in control and give the penetrating partner a great view from behind! The penetrating partner that's lying down may need a little extra help in reaching around to stimulate the clitoris, which is where a tool like the King Cock Real Deal Ultra-Realistic Dildo will make it easy work! If the partner underneath needs a little bit of extra help here while enjoying the view, butt plugs will also add extra stimulation to proceedings! For female couples, this is also an ideal chance to experiment with some strap-ons!

Elevated Oral Position

Let's not just stick to traditional sex here, oral sex can be an amazing way to open up a world of possibilities. The elevated position, where the receiving partner either lies on a bed with a partner on the floor or their body elevated, makes the partner on the giving end get at them without leaning their weight into their arms, making them free to move! They can play with the G-spot or, if the mood calls for it, venture around the back. At the same time, those on the giving end can easily sit into a butt plug, and even those guys using oral sex as a way to distract attention from their insecurities, there's something for you too! The erection support rings are an amazing tool here that will get you ready, but for those who feel inadequate, it’s safe to say that with all of the stimulation on offer, your confidence will peak pretty quickly!


A classic position that can be modified for individuals looking for a bit of extra stimulation. If you have a very sensitive clitoris, the Horseless Rider position is versatile. All you need is a vibrator and a pillow, you can scrunch up the pillow until the feeling is just right and just slip the vibrator in. For the couples among you, the cowgirl position is a great way to get some clitorial stimulation by grinding on top, and using a vibrator on the clitoris to increase the intensity and hurtle headfirst towards orgasm! For those underneath, this is the ideal opportunity to be creative! Guys can use a cock ring for extra stimulation and use a vibrator on the receiver’s partner's nipples. Tools like the Remote Bullet Vibrator will guarantee all over-stimulation.


An amazing position for same-sex partners, male or female. If you're looking for double penetration, double-ended dildos can allow both partners to synchronize themselves where both parties sit with their groins towards each other and you can instantly get to work, whether it's pulling, shoving, or pushing, making mutual penetration a lot more satisfying and infinitely less frustrating!

Afternoon Delight

The great thing about this position is that it's a unique take on the traditional spooning we all know and love. The person on the receiving end lies horizontal while the giver is vertical, essentially forming a T-shape, so both can stimulate one another. For the men, this is the ideal time to use a fleshlight, or for the females, a magic wand. Disclaimer - you don't need to partake this in the afternoon, any time of day is absolutely fine!

What to Remember About Using Sex Toys

While there's loads of sex toys waiting to be used and enjoyed by you, solo or with someone else, it can be incredibly intimidating, but that's okay. It's all about comfort and pleasure, and if you are looking to open up the conversation about sex toys, here is a few things to consider:

  • Talk. If you and your partner are feeling daunted by it or one of you is hoping to bring this into the bedroom, you need to both communicate with some understanding and compassion so you can find the solution that works for both of you.
  • Go Shopping Together. Picking out some toys can be a great way to find something suitable for both your sexual needs, and it can even get you both excited for the night that lies ahead!
  • Don't Be Intimidated. They are there to supplement your experience, not to take over from it! If your partner is feeling insecure, reassure them that it's not about replacing them, but about adding extra types of stimulation to your already amazing sex life.

It is a journey that's meant to be enjoyed by both of you, and it's all about making sure that you are both happy. Some of these positions can get you started, but there's a world of possibilities out there!