A Chance Meeting with My Ex-Boyfriend – A Thrilling Erotic Story

Here is an erotic piece ‘fiction’ about an estranged couple who accidentally bumped into each other after years of separation, only to discover that their passion still burns hot.

Five years, six weeks and ten days. That’s precisely how long since his eyes had last met mine.

We dated each other for seven months, but every moment was imprinted upon my brain forever. Such was his charm and enigma! The same old needles of desire drove through my nerves as I looked across the glass panel to where he was seated at the hotel waiting lounge, completely unaware of my presence.

The Long-lost Days

The memories of those countless fiery nights came roaring back into my mind. I could still feel the way he pulled me on to his lap and slid his fingers down over the curves of my body. My limbs felt numb and every part of me tingled with the furious desire of a wild stallion.

Oh! How I wanted James so badly, but knew that it was a love long-lost. Five long years! Does he even remember my name?

They say we all meet that one person who is the perfect match for us, both in terms of interests and personality. James was that ONE person in my life. But unfortunately, life had other plans and we had to part ways. Perhaps we were too scared to commit to a relationship or just too young to pursue the person of our dreams.

It doesn’t matter. James is a closed chapter of my life. I chose another man, and it’s a choice I was entirely free to make.

The Invitation

But now that he’s standing in front of my eyes, would I be able to avoid him? While my heart longed to continue glancing at him, my brain wanted to avoid the potential awkwardness.

I remembered I was already running late and turned to go. As I walked past the reception area, I heard a familiar voice say, “Hey, Monica?” You bet my heart skipped a beat or two!

In the next ten minutes, we found ourselves seated at a coffee shop table, discussing life and reminiscing about our old days. He told me he was waiting for a flight at seven in the evening. I told him I was there to settle some business in Vancouver.

Basically, we were both stuck at the same hotel with plenty of time to kill…

After chatting for awhile and a drink or three, he invited me to his hotel room. I just couldn’t resist the allure of those piercing blue eyes.

The Inevitable Encounter

His subtle, yet confident gestures as he walked up the stairs and unlocked his room induced a powerful response from my body.

Cautiously aware of my nervousness, he pushed me gently against the wall and kissed my lips affectionately. His warm toned body was close, so close…

I couldn’t hold out any longer. I finally succumbed to the temptation that I had been consciously resisting. My body froze for what felt like an eternity before unleashing a string of eager moans and panting. His hand loosened from my hair and traveled down my neck to my cleavage, where he impatiently unbuttoned my shirt and ripped the zipper of my jeans.

As I stood before him in my undies, adrenaline rushed through my veins like smoke through a hookah. It was now only moments before he unhooked my bra and pressed his body against mine, pinning me to the bed.

With his tongue encircling my nipples and his hands roving over my dewy wet pussy, my old anxieties of missing my flight or struggling business faded away like dissipating mist. We were living only for that moment. No matter what the future held in store for us, we didn’t care.

Hungry to taste him, I launched myself forward and worked his zipper down. He quickly kicked off his pants to the floor and placed a cock ring around his rock-hard penis. I eagerly watched him as he put on a condom. His size startled me!

I noticed the growing heat in those eyes as he gathered me in his arms and thrust hard inside me. Sliding my hands over his muscled torso, I pleaded and moaned with pleasure.

After hours of furious, passionate love-making, he finished with one final thrust. He screamed his release inside me. He hugged me tight, while his sweat-drenched chest heaved against mine.

The Final Goodbye

After a minute or two, he snuggled me to his side, kissing my lips and chin frantically.


His lips brushed mine.

“That was beyond incredible…Do you still love me?” I asked.

He smiled and suddenly exclaimed, “Oh look! It’s already 5. Got to rush baby! It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow and I want to surprise her. Take care of yourself and have a great life.”

As I gathered my belongings and struggled hard to hold back my tears. I cursed myself for cheating on my husband and my promise to myself.

Some incidents change our lives completely. They teach us to value something that’s precious, before we lose it forever.