A Guide to Rabbit Vibrators, How to find the best one for you!

Ah yes, the delectable and ever-so-pleasing Rabbit Vibe!

If you are curious about one of the hottest sex toys for women on the planet, Cupid Boutique has put together the perfect quick guide to rabbit vibrators that will help you understand the full spectrum of the relentless rabbit sex toy. Our adult sex shop offers plenty of rabbit vibrator options for you to choose from.

The whole idea of the rabbit vibrator for sexual pleasure was dated as far back as the 1980s. When a company by the name of Vibratex, found glory in importing dual-action vibrators into the USA. 

These revolutionary new sex toys for women were able to penetrate and stimulate at the same time, as the longer portion of the rabbit vibrator (the shaft) was able to be inserted in the vagina, whereas the stimulator arm was able to sit just outside the vagina and stimulate the clitoris at the same rate. 

The Rabbits have sprung!

In the beginning, the rabbit adult toy was very basic in functionality, offering a few simple speed intensities with a slider or turn-dial control panel for quick increasing and decreasing of power, and the clitoral stimulator was shaped like a set of rabbit ears, while the shaft tip resembles a phallic member. 

Thanks to popular television shows and daytime talk show hosts back in the late 1990s and early 2000s raving about this “Rolls Royce of Sex Toys” the rabbit vibrator instantly ranked as the number 1 sex toy for women!

Fast forward to today, rabbit vibrators or “bunny vibrators” have evolved to be one of the most successful sex toys in all of sex toy history. And there are amazing reasons for that; regardless if you are an avid orgasm seeker, or just exploring your sexual desires, rabbit vibrators can provide some pretty intense sexual pleasure. You’ll be sure to notice that the overall rabbit vibrator shaft, clitoral stimulator designs and functionalities have greatly modernized. 

Hopping Into Rabbit Vibrating Pleasure!

If you are curious about rabbit vibrators and wish to learn more, this quick guide to rabbit vibrators will help you understand rabbit vibes and their accompanying functions, features and purposes. 

Beginner Rabbit Vibes:
We’ve all got to start somewhere, and with rabbit vibrator stimulation, it may take some time to get used to the dual-stimulation feeling. Beginner rabbit vibes often offer a few stimulation modes or vibration intensities with a user-friendly control panel. These beginner rabbit vibes come in either a replaceable battery or rechargeable battery options, whichever is more suitable for the user.

Beginner rabbits reviews: The Spellbound Bunny rabbit vibe is the perfect match for any new user.

Advanced Rabbit Vibes:
If you are more of an erotic expert explorer, you may be looking for a more complex rabbit vibrator with many functions and intensities that never seem to end. With a more advanced rabbit vibe, you can combine all the functions in the shaft and the clitoral stimulator to create 50 to 100 or more thrilling combinations.

Advanced rabbit reviews: The Mono Flex rabbit vibe is a great option for advanced rabbit vibe users. 

Thrusting Rabbit Vibes:
If you require some over-the-top internal stimulation with a side of dual-stimulation pleasure, a rabbit thrusting toy may be of use to you. You get the same great vibration features, a powerful clit stimulator plus, a thrusting rabbit shaft that vigorously moves up and down for intense probing. The accompanying control panel will allow you to use them all at the same time, or independently for unique sexual exploring.

Thrusting rabbit’s reviews: The show stopper thrusting rabbit vibrator is indeed a favourite! 

Heating Rabbit Vibes:
Are you looking to explore temperature play or heating sensory play while indulging in sexual pleasure with a rabbit vibe? A heating rabbit vibrator provides many benefits; for one, it enhances lubrication in the vagina, it relaxes the muscles more with heat than being cool, and it helps with the build-up of orgasms as heat plays an erotic part in sexual pleasure. 

Heating rabbit’s reviews: The Energize heat up rabbit vibrator is a popular warming rabbit vibe!

Rotating Rabbit Vibes:
For some women, internal stimulation is more important than the clitoral stimulation aspect, and that is where a rotating rabbit vibrator may be your best go-to option in the rabbit vibrator category. A rotating rabbit vibe has pleasure beads or rotating balls that allow the shaft to vigorously rumble alongside the vibration patterns. There are also functions which are called gyration functions, whereas when this function is activated it creates a jittery effect inside the shaft, which greatly exceeds orgasm intensities.

Rotation rabbits reviews: The Original Waterproof Jack Rabbit is the number 1 selling rotating rabbit vibe of all time, aka the best rabbit vibrator!

G-Spot Rabbit Vibes:
A g-spot rabbit vibrator has all the same glorious vibration functions and intensities it normally boasts, however with a g-spot rabbit vibrator, you also get a bulbous curved shaft tip which can reach and stimulate your g-spot or a-spot. This type of sexual play is considered multi-arousing and can result in quite intensely packed orgasms, including squirting orgasms. 

G-spot rabbits reviews: The Venice Vixen g-spot rabbit vibrator is an eye-catching favourite in the g-spot rabbit vibrator category!

Triple Stimulation Rabbit Vibes:
There are times when a woman wants all her erogenous zones stimulated at once. If you are interested in seeking sexual pleasure with a rabbit vibrator that can combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal and anal penetration then a triple-stimulation rabbit vibrator will be a great option for you. Naturally, you still get the benefits of a dual-prong rabbit vibrator, however, in addition, triple-stimulating sex toys also have a vibrating stimulator you can insert for anal penetration as well. 

Triple Stimulation rabbit’s reviews: The Disco Triple Play rabbit vibrator is sure to satisfy all your triple stimulation sexual desires.  

Multi-Stimulation Rabbit Vibes:
You can take it one step further than the triple-stimulation rabbit vibe, to a multi-stimulation rabbit vibrator where you get multiple toys in one single multi-functioning rabbit vibe. Multi-stimulation toys are an excellent choice for top-notch sexual exploration and are gender-neutral for those still seeking their pleasure preferences. 

Multi-stimulation rabbit’s reviews: The four by four quadruple silicone vibrator is the perfect multi-stimulation rabbit vibe to help you explore all your sexual desires.

Waterproof Rabbit Vibes:
if you like rabbit vibrator stimulation pleasure done with erotic water play, that’s no problem a great majority of rabbit vibrators available in the sex toy market today are waterproof and built for solo or coupled sex sessions in or around the water. However, always read the manufacturer’s fine print before submersing in water. 

Waterproof rabbits reviews:  The Vive Niva Pulse Wave rabbit vibrator is a must-have for sexy water play!

Travel-friendly Rabbit Vibes:
If you are a fan of creating sexual journeys while travelling, then the perfect choice for you is a travel-friendly rabbit vibrator. Although discreetness, battery options and quietness are all effective ways to choose your travelling orgasm partner, a much more important option is that the control panel is lockable to minimize travelling mishaps. There are options like a single press and hold for 3 seconds, or a two-button long press option, this really depends on what you prefer. 

Travel-friendly rabbits reviews: This California Dreaming Palisades Passion rabbit vibrator is a favorite among the travel-friendly rabbit vibes!

Use this basic guide to rabbit vibrators, to successfully choose a rabbit vibrator that can allow you to indulge in deep breath-taking orgasmic pleasure, and explore yourself without limitations. As always use a premium water-based lubricant to ensure the utmost pleasure with any rabbit vibrator you choose!

FAQ about Rabbit Vibrators!

How long have women been using rabbit vibrators?
It is reported that women have been using rabbit vibrators since the 1980s.

Why is a rabbit vibrator so popular?
Rabbit vibes gained their popularity with dual-action stimulation both internally and externally.

Are rabbit vibrators waterproof?
Yes, rabbit vibrators do come with waterproof capabilities be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Do rabbit vibrators have replaceable batteries or rechargeable ones?
Rabbit vibrators are available in either replaceable batteries or lithium-ion batteries you can recharge.

What should I get if I want several functions and features in a sex toy?
A multi-stimulation rabbit vibrator can help with multiple sexual desires and stimulates many erogenous zones at one time.