All You Need to Know About Prostate Massagers (And More!)

There’s nothing wrong with good old-fashioned masturbation, gentlemen. But a little stimulation of the prostate can go a long way towards making a regular orgasm spectacular.

The prostate — a.k.a. the P-spot or male G-spot — is tucked up along the urethra and is part of the male reproductive system. And massaging (or ‘milking’) it with a top-rated male masturbator can provoke amazing pleasure. 

Intrigued? Let’s learn more about prostate massage.

Hitting the P-Spot the Right Way for Increased Sexual Pleasure

Massaging the prostate the right way is possible with a few types of sex toys specifically designed to target and stimulate the gland. A good prostate massager is curvy or angled to reach it perfectly. Imagine inserting your finger deep inside your anus and curling it up towards your belly button. A prostate massager does the same job to pinpoint this pleasure spot, but more comfortably. Its curved tip will naturally hit the P-spot to unleash a new kind of enhanced orgasm.

Why Use a Prostate Massager for Pleasure?

Prostate massagers get the job done when it comes to sexual gratification. According to Dr. Roy Levin’s theory, the prostate gland is actually an erogenous zone in the male body, apart from its physiological purpose of producing seminal fluid. He is also of the view that prostate stimulation can help the brain retain its sensitivity and mentally connect new sensations with acquainted pleasure patterns. The result? Intense orgasms.

How to Use a Prostate Massager Safely

Not sure how to use a prostate massager? It’s not that hard. As long as you do not have any medical issues like anal fissures or hemorrhoids, prostate massaging has no risks.

Here are a few very important things to consider when playing with a prostate massager.

  • Choose Your Toy Well

There are thousands of options in this category. And while prostate massagers may be looked at as something for more mature masturbators, shall we say, they are perfectly created for your pleasure, no matter your age.

A silicone massager with a remote is a great choice for both new users and more experienced ones.

  • Don’t Forget to Douche

Keeping your butt clean before you start is essential, so have a bath or shower. You may also consider an enema or anal douche. In either case, it’s important that your anal muscles and sphincter be relaxed before attempting any kind of anal penetration.

  • Lube It Up

As with any kind of anal penetration, prostate massaging requires a good amount of water-based lube on the toy as well as on your rectum. There are also lubes specifically meant for anal play.

  • Go Slow

Lie down in a relaxed, comfortable position. A little bit of massaging or kneading around the rectum with your finger will make your anus ready for further play. Start slow, lube well, and penetrate at a leisurely pace. Relax by breathing deep and exhaling slowly. Be gentle with yourself, and once you put the massager inside, you will better understand what exactly feels good.

Some Good Care Goes a Long Way

Cleaning and caring for your sex toys is as important as doing your dishes. And when it comes to anal toys and prostate massagers, you need to be extra careful regarding their cleanliness. There’s a high chance of bacteria ending up on your prostate massager with each use. So, use a good-quality toy cleaner, along with lukewarm water, to clean your massager before and after.

If your massager is silicone, make sure to only use water-based lubes. Never use silicone lube with a silicone massager. For extra stimulation, anal lube is a good choice when paired with massagers.

Anal play can seem intimidating, but top-rated male masturbators like prostate massagers can make self-pleasure all that more pleasurable. Still unsure what to buy for sensational prostate play? Browse our entire line of amazing prostate toys here.