Alternatives to Sex!

Have you ever wanted to show your partner intimacy without indulging in sexual intercourse?

There are many ways a person can show, receive and gain intimacy in a relationship without compromising sex. 

In our blog today we openly discuss ways to achieve intimacy without participating in sexual activities to promote and benefit your relationship with your partner. 

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However, there are many ways that couples can be intimate with each other without sexual penetration

Defining Intimacy:

What does being intimate mean? There are many ways we show intimacy to our friends, partners or lovers. For many people they don’t fully understand the meaning of intimacy but they are showing it with each action they take. 

Intimacy does come in many forms and stages, the first thing you need to understand it that intimacy comes naturally and it isn’t always considered sexual. 

Intimacy is displayed on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Each one must be given or received openly and honestly or it is not considered true intimacy. 

Non-Sexual Intimacy:

Being intimate in a non-sexual way can be established by bonding between two people. These non-sexual intimacy actions are considered as actions that can create a stronger relationship bonds between friends and couples. Intimacy does take time to develop, it does not happen overnight.  Below are 7 ways to show non-sexual intimacy. 

Cuddling: Although it seems harmless, cuddling brings an array of emotional, physical and mental intimacy in a simple act. While you are cuddling with your partner you establish a comfort bond that each one creates by sharing his or her intimate space with another person. 

Holding hands:  Yes, this is considered a form of non-sexual intimacy, since holding hands is another form of allowing personal space between you and your partner. As well as kissing, since both can lead to sex, yet they still fall in the category of non-sexual acts of intimacy. 

Massages: Now this is a fine line, as most people know that once you start a massage it can lead elsewhere, but simple touches and caress during conversations, or alone time can enhance your relationship and promote healthy emotional, physical and mental intimacy levels. 

Romantic dates:  Sure, spending time with your intimate partner is one way, but making that extra effort to create a romantic night out can show your partner other ways of intimate thinking without the sexual demise. You can ask your partner to dress up and look amazing while you take a night out for yourselves. 

Spend time together:  This is a huge deal when it comes to intimacy without intercourse. When you are able to spend time together to understand each other on all types of levels rather than just have sex. This will not only bring you closer to each other, but it helps build the understanding of your relationship too.  This is the key ingredient to non-sexual relationships that last. Simple things such as enjoying a movie or a television show together can increase intimacy levels to no end. 

Verbal affection and Admiration: One specific ingredient in a love language is verbal affection and affirmation. So in saying you are going to do something, you follow through and actually do what you are saying. This non-sexual intimacy act is a natural occurrence in human beings, it is an act that is most appreciated amongst significant others. As the old saying goes; saying is doing, and doing is saying. This makes the relationship bond extremely strong.  

Intellectual conversations: This plays a major part in relationships that would like to last for years to come. In order to fully understand your partner, you must be able to have open, honest and intellectual conversations. This could be; planning your future together, discussing ups and downs within the relationship, and trying to figure out any hunch the couple may be in. Sometimes these conversations are the building blocks to a long and healthy intimate relationship. 

Intercourse vs Outercourse:

This may come as a shock to you, but intercourse is really all about penetration. There are many other ways to establish sexual intimacy without vaginal penetration. 

Since penetration is intercourse, then non-penetration (rubbing or massaging) is consider outercourse. Here’s where the two differ: 

Intercourse means you penetrate the vagina and an exchange of semen and vaginal fluids are present. If you want to avoid that you can increase your intimacy with outercourse; below are some examples of outercourse intimacy.

Solo Masturbation:
When you indulge in solo play time with sex toys this could be defined as a self-love practice. Solo masturbation can help with sexual confidence, boost libido drive, can release many beneficial ingredients which promote a happier, healthier you. 

The whole purpose of outercourse is to get in tune with your sexuality. Solo masturbation also helps to release endorphins, and it is also a healthy stress reliever and sleep-aid. 

Mutual Masturbation:
Similar to solo masturbation pleasure. Mutual masturbation is where two partners use sex toys on each other. They can masturbate each other one at a time, they can masturbate at the same time, or indulge in oral stimulation or hand jobs. Since this is all a form of massages in the erogenous zones that stimulate pleasure. These acts will also greatly promote healthier sex lives and sexual confidence.

Orgasmic Massage:
An orgasmic massage is usually where a woman gets the massage done on her clitoris or vagina without penile penetration. A female can give herself an orgasmic massage or she can find someone in the professional field to provide this for her. Rubbing vagina or also known as rubbing sex can provide immense pleasure to the female in multiples zones while still maintaining abstinence. 

Couple orgasm:
A couple orgasm can happen in many ways without penetration or sexual intercourse. In order for significant others to indulge in sexual play and still orgasm they can provide each other with stimulation. This can come in a form of kissing, massages (hand jobs, blow jobs, rubbing clitoris), masturbating (each other or with sex toys), dry humping, divulging your fantasies, and of course orgasms at the same time. 

So there you have it, the basis of intimacy in many forms. Although we go through our lives displaying intimacy in tons of different ways, many don’t know that these simple acts are ways to show you appreciate each other and provide longer lasting relationships. 

FAQ’s about Alternatives to Sex:

What is sexual intercourse?
Sexual Intercourse is when you indulge penetration sex with a partner. 

How would you define intimacy?
Intimacy is displayed on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. 

If I give my partner and hand job is that considered intercourse?
No actually, this is considered outercourse because there is no penetration.

What is abstinence?
The definition of abstinence is when you don’t have sex. 

Can a woman indulge in orgasmic massages?
These massages can be done with a masseuse or she can provide herself with an orgasmic massage (rubbing without penetration).

Can I have a relationship without intercourse?
Yes this is possible. Most couples have long term relationships without intercourse as they are bonded by intimacy rather than sexual intercourse.