Top 5 of the Best Male Chastity Cages with Guidelines

I am sure you’ve heard the term “chastity cage” and thought what on earth!? As a teen I heard of the chastity belt for women and male chastity stories several times but never dared to ask what it was. Although this is not a mainstream topic amongst sex toys they most certainly still exist.

If you happen to stop by your local Cupid Boutique or search for an adult store near me in Google you will find some interesting versions of cock rings to help you if you are considering one. In this blog piece I will outline some great reasons to either consider one, or at least give you some unbiased guidelines on how, why or when to use one.

The male chastity cage or forced chastity is a bit of a taboo topic still in 2022. It is a topic that is not widely discussed as some like to keep it “their little secret” and use it for their personal benefits.

So why do Cock Cages aka Penis Cage aka Chastity cage for men exist?
Believe it or not some men are a bit over anxious about touching themselves. Some have issues not being able to go a day without busting one off regardless where they are. So wearing a cage can minimize the temptations to touch themselves. Also some men just want the satisfaction of known that their penis is locked up so he doesn’t get a sexual intrigue out of nowhere and end up with an embarrassing moment with a hard on! So they invented a chastity belt for men.

In the ever growing world of BDSM these cock lock devices have changed the game! When you engage in BDSM acts with your partner they all are based on trust! So, using the chastity belt builds trust between partners knowing they could not touch themselves (or anyone else for that matter) during their time of separation. One big reward of using a chastity lock is that you actually feel really relieved once you get used to wearing one.

Each time it is unlocked at the end of the day it is a freeing reward, but also it helps to boost confidence within males! It can also help greatly intensify romantic relationships. Knowing only one person has a key to your most important jewel. So they are the owner!

Top 5 Best Male Chastity Cage on The Market?

Best Male Chastity Cage Device: This is a build your own chastity cage set. It is made of durable hygienic plastic which is lightweight and does not set off metal detectors. You can customize your own personal chastity cage to suit your needs. CB-6000  Great for beginners!

Best Metal Chastity Cage: DOMINIX Deluxe – This is a solid one complete set, made of stainless steel which is a lot heavier than plastic or resin materials. So it is more restrictive than the plastic ones, which means it is geared more to the experienced users than beginners.

Chastity Cage For Beginners: Double D Harnesses – If you want a more flexible chastity device you can go for the medical grade silicone material one that allows you to stretch your limits and not feel so locked up, but it can make you sweat more. However it is easy to set up, and easy to clean (you can even boil it in hot water if you like extreme cleaning your sex toys) Great for femboy users!

Chastity Cage with Urethra Plug: Lock the Cock – These types of chastity devices have a small pin that is included with the cage, most cages are stainless steel with urethra plugs. The reason for this is due to hygienic rules, since the pin is inserted you need to have top of the line products, which stainless steel is the safest and cleanest.

App-Controlled Chastity Cage: CellMate – This is a silicone or hard plastic ABS cock cage that looks like a robo-cop hugging your penis! It acts the same way as the other plastic, resin or metal cages except the lock is app controlled. No lock, no key, just technology and a password.

How to fit Chastity Cage!

Consider the size of your penis when it is flaccid, but also consider you need a bit of room for when your member swells, the purpose of the chastity belt  is to not be completely aroused, but swelling does happen when you pee or get hot, so you need to leave it some room to be comfortable. The same goes for the scrotum circumference; it must not have pressure applied to the scrotum as that will make it very uncomfortable to wear for long durations (which is the main point of wearing a cock cage) So make sure you consider both sizes and space available for both your penis and scrotum. 

You must also consider the cleanliness of the cage, since you wear it throughout the day for long periods you still have to pee. Therefore you must also consider the hygienic portion of your penis cages. The highest reward that comes from wearing cock cages is the sexual stimulation tolerance. Not only does freeing Willy after a long day feel good, but sexual stimulation after that free moment is the Holy Grail for penis cage users. Since the wearer was not allowed sexual stimulation during use of the cage, this prolongs his urges and in turn makes for the greatest reward an EJACULATION! 

Guidelines for using a Chastity Belt:

Discuss the rules of the chastity cage – Since most cage users are a part of a chastity couple bond, you must always discuss the rules of what can or will happen. Openly discussing what it is that both partners want to achieve out of cock cage sessions. This will open the doors to passion and consideration for both the owner and the wearer.

Set up a spare key location for the chastity cage – The main purpose of wearing the cages is to eliminate touching and other activities most cage wears have an owner, the only one to open the cage is the owner (or so that’s how the BDSM act goes) however it is always ideal to have a spare key in a location that is known between the two of you if there is issues that may arise, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Get familiar with the Chastity Cage device – Like all things that are new sometimes we need time to get used to the feeling or the idea of wearing a cock cage. At this point if you have already purchased one, try just using the ring for the first bit to allow your penis and brain to sort the rest out and eventually it will feel like a pair of shoes you wear every day.

How to Clean Up the Chastity Cage – Always make sure that you are cleaning or have cleaned the device prior to wearing it. Regardless of the materials it is made of, all materials should be kept hygienic and clean prior to and during wear. You can get sex toy cleaner at your local sex shop.

Lube Up the Chastity Cage – This is more of a less friction issue, you don’t want the product to be rubbing in areas that can cause blisters, or red rubbing marks since that would not feel good or be healthy so try lubing up your device or penis prior to your wear. You can purchase lubricants at your local sex shop.

Start with the Chastity Cage ring – Like I mentioned above it takes some time to get used to wearing one, so the first step in getting comfortable is to just wear the initial ring that helps connect the pieces together. Once you are comfortable with using and wearing the ring for longer periods of time you can try placing some pieces together to form your cock cage. You can even train with cock rings that you can get from your local sex shop.

Lock Up the Chastity Cage – When all is said and done you are comfortable, you are familiar with the whole idea of being locked up and you have configured it to fit the best size for your penis and scrotum, it is time to attach the lock. In one simple motion you hook the lock through the loops and press closed; now he is tucked away awaiting his owner at the end of the day!

If you would like to learn more about chastity belts and cock cages you can try a Google search for an adult store near me to view some of the products we outlined today.