5 Reasons to Masturbate During Your Periods

Can you masturbate during your periods? 

Yes, it is ok to masturbate on your period. A few differences and some extra preparations can make it well worth the experience. Masturbating on period is normal, healthy and has some great benefits. 

This article outlines if it is ok to masturbate on your period. This discussion will provide helpful details and benefits of why masturbation during your menstruation is ok.

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Let’s discuss:

Masturbation during Menstruation

Although some may think this is a big no, there are new found studies that show that women can in fact masturbate during their menstruation periods. 

Since masturbation involves stimulation of the genitals, often people may choose to stimulate themselves with their fingers or even sex toys such as a vibrator to release those urges.

There are no said rules about menstruation masterbation. Sometimes women are so sore, bloated and a bit irritated by our monthly visitor but it doesn’t mean we can provide a little stimulation to decrease those irritated symptoms. 

Period Myths: Period Blood is harmful.

Period Facts: Some people will assume that period blood is dirty and harmful but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The blood we release is full of skin cells, tissues and bodily secretions that are quite healthy unless the person has a blood borne illness, menstrual blood is not dangerous at all. 

Healthy Benefits!

Here we get to the good stuff. Increasing evidence is showing that masturbating on period could be very beneficial for some, below are 5 reasons to masturbate on your period;

Minimizing Pain:

Some women experience lots of pain which leaves them feeling unable to do things they enjoy during the first few days of her period. Using sex toys such as a clitoral wand, vibrator, or kegel toys can help minimize the pains and cramping. 

Providing sexual stimulation during your period releases endorphin hormones that can help combat pain and cramping and bring it to a minimum. 

Mood booster:

Women also go through mood swings as well, the chemicals in our hormones are slightly off balance and in turn we get moody and irritated quickly.

Menstruation masturbation can help relieve those irritating symptoms as well. During our orgasm release our bodies also release tons of neurotransmitter and central nervous system boosting chemicals which promote a better, happier mood. These chemicals are known as dopamine, prolactin and serotonin which are big factors of stress management and happy go lucky moods. 

Insomnia buster: 

During menstruation some women have trouble with insomnia. They just cannot get comfortable or they are irritated so they don’t sleep as well as they normally do. 

Menstruation masturbation can help improve your sleep habits especially after masturbation with sex toys. Because we also release vasopressin during orgasms, it promotes melatonin which is an essential sleep aid. 

Wetter is better:

The vagina is a natural lubrication area, during the menstruation time it is actually more lubricated than normal because of the blood. Using sex toys during period masturbation may lessen friction as it plays the role of a lubricant.

Increases blood flow:

When we participate in period masturbation we end up releasing the cramps. Cramps happen because we develop clots which are little buildups of blood.

Sometimes those clots can create excruciating pains when we least expect. 

By indulging in menstruation masturbation we increase our blood flow which helps minimize the clotting, creating less pains and smaller clots which are easier to pass. 

How to masturbate on your period

Since every woman has her own ideas of masturbation and solo pleasure there really is no right or wrong way of how to masturbate on your period

One major factor that may hinder their reasons not to try period masturbation is the fear of cleaning up after the fun. But understand that this really is no biggie. 

Here are some helpful hints that can maximize the fun and minimize the clean-up; 

Play in water!

If you participate in masturbation in bath or shower masturbation the water will wash away any blood that is present. Be sure that if you are using a toy, that it is waterproof and can withstand submerging in the bath. 

Just the Clit!

Clitoral orgasms are great during menstruation masturbation as you don’t have to insert your fingers or toys inside. Using a massager or a vibrator you can still achieve orgasmic pleasure without getting it covered in blood. 

Butt Stuff

Anal penetration is a great way to indulge in sexual pleasure during menstruation times. A woman can still receive anal pleasures during period sex. As well they can give anal penetration with the help of a strap-on sex toy. 

Fingers vs Toys

Some women prefer to use their fingers for stimulation to release and orgasm and that is totally fine to finger yourself, you can always wash with warm water and soap after you complete the mission. 

However some women may prefer a sex toy that can do the dirty work for them. If you choose a sex toy and are worried about cleaning measures you can also wrap it in a condom which can be disposed after you are finished period masturbation

You can also specify a certain toy for use while masturbating on period as silicone, glass and metal sex toys are the most hygienic and can be boiled after use to refresh like new.  

Sanitary Cleanliness

just like regular sex clean up, period masturbation clean up flows the same. 

Always try to clean the erogenous zones before indulging in sexual pleasure regardless of regular sex and menstruation masturbation. Using warm water to flush the area out as well as you can. 

If your partner is involved they should clean themselves as well. 

If you used a sex toy for period masturbation, follow the cleaning instructions as per maker of the toy. Store it according to manufacturer’s instructions to lengthen the life span of your sex toy. 

You can also consider laying down some non-absorbent materials like plastic or vinyl prior to the menstruation masturbation. This can be rinsed off or thrown in the wash after use. 

Using a few extra towels during period masturbation can also help minimize the clean-up process since they can be washed on a cold cycle in the washing machine. 

Are there any Health Risks?

You may be thinking that interfering with menstruation with period masturbation could be harmful. 

In actuality there really are no side effects or health risks. 

Following basic human hygienic practices regardless of regular masturbation or period masturbation can save you lots of troubles. 

This also includes wearing condoms during partnered sex as a woman can still get pregnant even during her menstruation cycles. 

Final words

Yes women can masturbate on their periods, just like they can masturbate any other time. 

Since there are no known health risks associated with self pleasure during period masturbation, you can reap the benefits of minimizing pain and bloating, increase sleep aid and chasing those bad moods away. 

If you want to minimize clean up after period sex, try menstruation masturbation during bath or shower. 

Always wear a condom when indulging in period sex with a partner to lower to risks of pregnancy and STI’s. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to masturbate on period?

Yes, absolutely. There are many health benefits for women who masturbate on period. 

Can I use sex toys for menstruation masturbation?

Of course, just be sure to use materials that are hygienic and can be fully sanitized between uses. 

Can my partner and I explore mutual masturbation during my period?

Naturally yes, just make sure that a discussion prior to mutual masturbation during period is an open and honest one. 

What types of materials of sex toys is best for menstruation masturbation?

You can choose any type of toy you desires (insertable or external) be sure to use silicone, glass or metal sex toys that can be properly sanitized. 

Does participating in menstruation masturbation help with my bad moods?

It sure does. When we orgasm we release a cocktail of chemicals that help us feel good and boost our moods.