Canadian Black Friday – What We Have In Store For You

There are a few things we Canadians look forward to every year. To the snow melting. First flush of spring. Summer breaks.

And Black Friday.

The shopping event that throws open the holiday shopping season. At Cupid Boutique we are super excited about the deep discounts we are giving our customers. This year, Black Friday is on November 27th, and to make the magic of discounts last, we are also having a Cyber Monday Sale along with Black Friday. As you know, our discounts will last the entire week, which means more time for killer deals!

This annual shopping fest is all about saving your money while you get the best products at discounted prices, and we are pulling out all the stops!

We have also added new sizzling hot products to our already mammoth collection, making this sale the BIGGEST EVER! Products from leading sex toy manufacturers around the world now available at ONE SINGLE click! There are toys for men and women, and some beautiful ones made just for couples! Share the love and double the fun with all the couples’ toys!

For Men

PDX Mega-Bator Pussy – This awesome masturbator lets you have all the hands free fun you want. Made from body safe materials, this beauty is always ready whenever you are! And guess what, it comes with a locking tab to hold your phone, so you can watch your fav dirty video while the pussy does all the work for you!

There are also Ass and Mouth variations of the Mega-Bator. Go crazy this Canadian Black Friday!

For some back door fun, check out the Icicles Collection. Made in hand blown glass, these beauties will give you the best orgasms you’ve ever known!

For Women

Our women customers wanted more variety from us. And we listened! We’ve added a massive collection of vibrators, dildos, G spot vibrators and the ones for dual stimulation, and you will be spoilt for choice with these beauties adorning our latest products page!

The Silhouette range of vibrators are made in sleek soft silicone and they feel smooth against your skin. Powered by USB charge you can bid goodbye to worries of battery dying midsession. Go all out to please yourself and your partner with these pleasure-licous products.

Psst ladies… entice your lover with sexy lingerie and spice up the action between the sheets.

For Couples

Cock rings that vibrate are a rage amongst couples. They let you hold on to your arousal and the deep throbbings from the bullet vibe go straight to your lady’s sweet spots making her beg for more of you!

Couples’ massagers deliver vibrating pleasures for both partners, and when you have Black Friday deals to choose from, let nothing stop you from going craaaaazy!

Are you going shopping this Black Friday? More than half of Canadians are… Go Ahead, Grab the deals and Save NOW!