Cupid Boutique Strengthens Their Health & Safety Precautions in the Wake of COVID-19 Outbreak

Unless you live in a bubble (which seems like a good idea right now), you already know that the coronavirus has its foothold in many countries, and continues to spread. As Canada heads closer to a complete lockdown to implement social distancing (the only way to avoid this disease), many businesses are being affected by this disaster, and it’s strained our operations as well. While these outcomes are obvious and expected, we at Cupid Boutique are doing our best to ensure the complete safety of our employees and customers.

The strong and far-reaching measures designed to fight this virus in Canada (and globally) requires all of us to change the way we run our businesses, serve our customers, and greet each other socially (it’s best to avoid) and in the workplace (if working from home isn’t an option). We understand the seriousness of this situation and have come up with proactive and voluntary measures to hamper the spread of the disease on our end. We remain operational and will follow the latest advice from the government and official health organizations.

Here’s how we’ve equipped ourselves to do business, flatten the curve, and keep our employees and customers safe.

Our initiatives to prevent the spread of COVID-19 include:

  • Private pick-up service provided to warehouse staff, so they don’t have to take public transport. This encourages social distancing and helps prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
  • We have adopted additional safe work practices like providing our employees with disposable gloves and masks. All employees are required to participate in a thorough sanitization schedule at work, where they need to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and wear necessary protective equipment.
  • All surfaces and shipping containers are sanitized using a hospital-based disinfectant to ensure the 100% safety of our staff and customers.
  • Sick employees are restricted from coming to work.

As we take every necessary precaution to deliver your orders in a safe and timely manner, you can stay indoors and order your favourite products online. We are all going through a tough time, and while tough times require tough measures, you can’t neglect your sexual wellbeing. Stay inside, spend time with family, and have some fun (with toys) between the sheets. Together, we will overcome this crisis!

We wish you safe and continued sexual pleasure.