Debunking 10 myths about sex toys

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Oh, sex toys. People that own them know they’re a gift, and that we’re lucky to have them. Yet, despite humankind's long relationship with sex toys — the world’s oldest dildo dates to some 28,000 years ago —, there are still plenty of people who believe the sex toys myths that you’ll find repeated online, in bars, and, well, sometimes we don’t know where these myths come from! 

In fact, misconceptions about sex toys are so widespread that it feels that coming across a truthful comment is like finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, we’re here to set the record straight. In this post, we’ll run through the most common myths, and set the record straight. 

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Myth 1: Sex Toys Are Only For Single People

There’s the view that sex toys function as a replacement for a real-world sexual partner. Yet, while vibrators can serve that purpose, that’s not all that they’re for. Couples can also enjoy sex toys together, so whether you’re in a relationship or single, you can trust that your sex toy will work for you. They’re really not for single people; they’re for anyone who enjoys sexual pleasure, and that’s everyone!

Myth 2: Sex Toys Are Only For Women

Advertisements and media portrayals often make it appear that only women can use sex toys. But that’s an outdated view. The earliest sex toys may have been marketed for women, but things have progressed significantly in recent decades. Alongside all the classic female-focused sex toys you’ll find male masturbators and other products that people of all genders can enjoy. Just check out our fantastic selection here at Cupid Boutique — we trust that you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.  

Myth 3: Sex Toys Are Dangerous

First of all, it’s true that most things are dangerous if you use them in a dangerous way. You can do some damage with a spoon if you really made a mess of things. The question is whether things are inherently dangerous. A knife is dangerous. Do sex toys belong in the same category as knives? Absolutely not. It’s best to read up on how to correctly use your sex toy before use and to follow any cleaning and maintenance guidance. If you do those things, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll run into any problems. 

A word of guidance, however: it’s always best to buy your sex toys from a reputable seller that sells quality products. You’ll be more likely to run into less-than-ideal situations if you buy low-quality items from companies just looking to make a quick buck. 

Myth 4: Couples That Need Sex Toys Have Boring Sex Lives

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Most couples buy sex toys to make their exciting sex lives even more exciting. Sex toys are often used by couples to explore their sexuality in a deeper way that brings more meaning and value to the experience.

We will say this, however: even if couples did buy sex toys because they felt their flame of sexual desire was beginning to wane, what’s wrong with that? Nobody has an endless supply of sexuality, and if couples need to throw in a few toys to rediscover the spark, then we’re all for it. 

Myth 5: Using Sex Toys Is Shameful

This is probably the biggest myth that prevents people from buying sex toys. They think that purchasing and especially using a sex toy is somehow shameful or worthy of guilt. This is a byproduct of outdated, structural thinking that views sex — and the human body — as something inherently “bad.” But actually, the opposite is true. There’s nothing shameful about sexual desire, human bodies, or sex toys. So long as everything is approached with care and love, then where does the shame lie?

Myth 6: Sex Toys Are a Luxury Purchase

Well, this might not be a complete myth. You’d be hard-pressed to describe sex toys as an essential purchase (though once you have them in your life, you might change your mind about that). However, when people say luxury, they usually mean expensive. While there are some sex toys that can definitely have a higher price tag than you might think, there are also plenty of affordable options. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find that there’s a toy that’s within your price range.

Myth 7: Sex Toys Are Complex

Some sex toys can look like advanced alien technology from the outside, but once you understand how things work, you’ll find that it’s all very simple. But that’s only true for some sex toys — the vast majority are pretty straightforward, though it’s always worthwhile reading the instruction manual beforehand to get make sure you’re using it correctly. 

Myth 8: Only Young People Can Use Sex Toys

You tend to see people in their twenties and thirties in advertisements for sex toys. But advertisements don’t tell the full story, or anywhere close to it. Older people also form a large chunk of the overall sex toys market. 

Myth 9: Sex Toys Cause People To Become Addicted to Pleasure

Too much of anything can be a bad thing. At least when it comes to sex toys, the result is not harmful. But in any case, people don’t tend to become “addicted” to their sex toys, in the sense that it doesn’t have a negative impact on their life. If you find yourself seeking sexual pleasure more than you like, then there are online communities and professionals that can help you. 

Myth 10: Sex Toys Harm Relationships

You hear this one repeated frequently, but we’re not sure what they’re talking about. Couples that use sex toys typically have a more robust and joyful sex life, which in turn leads to an improved overall relationship. If anything, we’d argue that sex toys help relationships, not harm them!