Facts about Nipple Clamps!

Nipple stimulation goes hand-in-hand with solo play, foreplay and sexual intercourse. We as humans provide stimulation to the nipple glands and don’t even think about the whole picture of what is happening during nipple stimulation play. 

Join us for today’s Cupid Boutique adult sex toy blog to learn about how nipples function plus, an educational breakdown of how, who, what and where to use nipple clamps and learn a bit about their amazing role in nipple stimulation play!

Perky Pleasure!

Both men and women have nipples on their chest which do play a large part in sexual stimulation. We already know that touching, caressing, sucking, licking and nipple pulling is all a part of an erotic play which comes naturally to us during solo pleasure and sexual intercourse with partners. 

But how does it all connect to provide pleasure?

All of our erogenous zones are connected to the brain. The central nervous system is also connected to our brains, so we have a gland which is called a “pituitary gland”. Our pituitary gland sends a signal throughout our bodies which helps arouse the nipples, create heartbeats in the clitoris, and throbs in the vagina (in women) and scrotum (in men) when a human gets “horny”.

For some (men or women) nipple stimulation boosts the sensations during sexual intercourse because all these erogenous zones are actually connected, it harmonizes the pleasure being received. 

Taking nipple pleasure to a whole new level can be done with nipple toys such as; nipple clamps, nipple clips, vibrating nipple clamps, or the Japanese style clover clamps

Before we go ahead and detail all the styles of these nipple clamp sex toys, there are a few things I would like to point out first. Before using any style of nipple clips or nipple clamps it is best to consider the safety measures and the effectiveness of nipple clamps and how to use nipple clamps

Nipple Clamp Effects & Safety:

Since nipple clamps balance on a sex scale of pleasure and pain, before indulging with nipple clamps you must first consider where you draw a line during sexual pain, pleasure and deprivation. 

Nipple clamps are not solely for BDSM nipple play, they can be added to intimate love sessions as well, to provide an added boost in nipple stimulation for either partner. Nipple clamps, nipple clips, nipple pumps and nipple suckers were all designed to enhance sensation in the nipple regions. Using nipple clamps will enhance the size and sensations plus, prolong the duration of nipple play. Leaving the user with fulfilled pleasure in all erogenous zones. 

If you are a person who loves to stimulate your nipples in more extreme or pressurized way, then a nipple clamp would be ideal, nipple clamps such as these Nipple Play Silver beaded nipple clamps works in two ways; one is a pressure clamp while the other is a tightening screw which applies minimal to maximum pressure to the nipple area during nipple bondage play. 

There are less extreme options if you are new to nipple clamp play, and these are thinner, much easier to manipulate and can be easily removed if the pain or pleasure becomes too much. Nipple tweezer clamps like these Midnight Jeweled Nipple Clamps which have padded tips and are quite easy to adjust for pressure. 

Nipple suckers are also a great choice as these become hands-free stimulation tools which keep the blood flow swirling under the nipple skin; this allows for your nipples to get erect quickly, stay erect and also can provide immense pleasure. Using a set of nipple suckers such as these Nipple Play Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers are the perfect way to stimulate your nipples with suction pleasure. 

A nipple clamp purpose is to stimulate, arouse, and perk up the nipple region no matter how light or how extreme. This is why there are many versions of nipple clamps including weighted nipple clamps. For some avid users nipple clamps like these Fetish Fantasy Heavyweight Nipple Clamps are their go to nipple satisfaction style. However, if you are just beginning your nipple stimulation play, you can try a smaller style like this Nipple Grips Power Grip Weighted Press. These weighted nipple clamps allow you to adjust your nipple stimulation play from minimum to maximum, whatever you desire. 

Vibrating nipple clamps bring another level of sensations to the user, these lightweight yet, buzzy sensational nipple sex toys are a great way to enhance your nipple stimulation play even further. 

Although they are not strictly for nipple use, they are a great way to really spice up the breasts stimulation plays for both men and women. Take a peek at these removable bullet style nipple teasers which are basically three toys in one. Or take it one step further with these adorable remote nipple clamps which can provide stimulation side-by-side or room-to-room.

Safety tips: Before using any style of nipple clamps or nipple clips ensure that the nipple area is not abnormally swollen. Check to make sure there are no bruises, lumps, bumps, cuts or rashes that will further irritate the nipple region, and if you have chosen to use suction nipple cups, ensure you follow the user directions that are included with the purchase of your nipple stimulation sex toys. 

Post Nipple Clamp Care: Be sure to add moisture to your nipple region after nipple clamp or nipple clip use. Nipple clamps are known to leave a lingering sensation after play, therefore adding a lubricant, moisturizer, sensation balm or heating/cooling (eg: body heat or ice cubes) after nipple stimulation play will soothe that sensation quicker. 

The Best Nipple Sex Toys!

  1. Nipple Grip Weighted Tweezer Nipple Clamps - Fully adjustable and slightly weighted nipple clips
  2. Fetish Fantasy Japanese Clover Clamps - A spring loaded pressurized nipple clamp set. 
  3. Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps – Two points of pressure; one vice grip, one twist for maximized nipple stimulation. 
  4. Sex & Mischief: Feather Nipple Clamps - Lightweight nipple clamps that are perfect for sensation play.
  5. Midnight Pearl Chain Nipple Clips - Tweezer style nipple clip that is easy to use, looks amazing, adds to sensations
  6. Nipple Play Weighted Disc Nipple Clamps - Alligator style nipple clamps, weighted for added sensations.
  7. Nipple Play Advanced Nipple Suckers - For hands-free suction stimulation to nipples, clitoris or scrotum. 
  8. Fetish Fantasy Gold Magnetic Clamps - Magnetic pressure nipple clamps, can be worn under lingerie. 
  9. Nipple Grips Power Grip 4-Point Nipple Clamps - Screw in pressure nipple clamps that sit directly on the nipple and can be worn under lingerie.
  10. Nipple Play Rechargeable Nipplette Clamps - Vibrating nipple clamps that provide sensation with clamping and vibrations. 

If you are ready to purchase a set of nipple clamps for yourself or your partner, you can shop our nipple clamp section to view the mentioned nipple clamps in today's discussion through Cupid Boutique’s online adult sex store website, or in any of their 7 physical adult store locations in and around Toronto, Ontario Canada.

FAQ’s about Nipple Clamps:

Does using nipple clamps hurt?

Nipple clamps can bring both pleasure and pain to the nipple region. 

Who can use nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps can be used by anyone who wants nipple stimulation, they are unisex sex toys.

Do nipple clamps come in various sizes?

Nipple clamps come with adjustable features to fit all nipple sizes and provide various stimulations. 

What is the purpose of weighted nipple clamps?

Weighted nipple clamps enhance sensations with every movement, and heighten nipple play pleasures.

Do nipple clamps help keep my nipples erect?

Yes, nipple clamps help your nipples promote blood flow, which allows them to stay erect during play.