Fantastic Sex Toys that can help ease Menopause in Women - How to get your orgasms back!

Mid-life sexuality is no shame! Women go through physical changes before, during and after menopause, but never fear there are new innovative products that can help you surf through the undiscussed years and get you in to your orgasm groove again!

At Cupid Boutique we understand that menopause happens and desires are not met, so we proudly offer many tips that can help you get your orgasmic pleasure back! Our Adult Sex Shop is always here to assist with any menopause sex toys, sexual enhancers or dilators to help you get your groove back! 

What is Menopause? Menopause is a cycle of internal changes that happen within a women’s body when she is over 40. The lack of estrogen and progesterone lowers after menopause, your vaginal tissues become thinner and potentially your clitoral region may shrink and you provide fewer secretions to help keep your vagina moist. The thinning of vaginal tissues is called “vaginal atrophy” and can lead to painful sex. 

Can a women orgasm during menopause? Yes, absolutely. Can a woman orgasm after menopause? Totally!

Effects and Side Effects of Menopause:

Vaginal discomfort: Most often discomfort is provided by vaginal dryness, a drop in estrogen can often promote dryness due to less vaginal lubrication, and a less stretchable vagina because it has lost its elasticity as well.  

Vaginitis: or Vaginal Atrophy can include; vaginal discharge, itching, burning, swelling and sometimes painful urination or irritation due to estrogen-deficiency. It can be treated with medication or by discontinuing use of items that cause irritation. 

Vaginismus: Is involuntary spasms or contractions of the vaginal muscles at the opening or just behind it in the perineum. This makes penetration difficult or impossible as it can be very painful. However there are a number of treatments available that include cognitive psychotherapy, physical therapy, relaxation exercises, vaginal dilators and medications. 

Urinary tract complications: This symptom doesn’t always appear with menopause but it can occur. This includes recurrent bladder infections, inflammation or irritation to the bladder or even a prolapsed bladder which makes it difficult to be comfortable during sexual interactions. 

Below are some great ideas on how to treat your menopause symptoms with sex toys and sexual enhancers!


10 tips to get your groove back and start orgasming again!

Daily Nutrition: Although using sex toys as relief can make a big difference in menopause. There are also factors like getting enough rest and of course getting the right nutrition in your daily diet. This is key to keeping balance with your psychological symptoms of menopause like mood swings, grumpiness, and concentration levels.

Eating enough protein and other whole food like fruits, grains, vegetables and healthy digestible fats is key. Adding Vitamin D rich foods can also assist with a balanced diet.

Get plenty of exercise: Like all things they need a good way to destress and adding daily exercises to the list can’t harm you. For instance lifting weights or doing “Total resistance exercise” which consists of suspension-based exercises may help build and tone muscles, preventing the loss of bone density.

Keeping active by doing low impact exercises like walking, swimming, dancing and yoga can help your heart health as well, this will also help you coast through those menopausal moments. Don’t forget breast stimulation after menopause, it can help with soreness and provide great relief.

Invest in a clitoral stimulator: They are small in size but can do so much for our sexual drive. These vibrating devices come in many shapes and sizes to choose from. Using a lightweight or ergonomic vibrating sex toy can provide immense pleasure without the bulky handling.

A few examples; a clitoral bullet Rechargeable Ultra Power Bullet 1, a lay on vibrator Lust Rechargeable Remote Dual Rider or Magic Wand Rechargeable Mini Massager which is smaller and lighter than the original.

Try new sex toys: Think outside the regular sexual parameters.  Now is the chance to come out of your shell and try those new positions or sex toys you have always wanted to try to connect your sexual response.

Instead of penetrative sex toys why not give a wearable vibrator a chance? Sex toys such as Lock-N-Play Remote Suction Panty Teaser which simply slides inside any pair of panties.

This Sexy Secret Connect App Panty Vibrator also has plenty of vibration options. This excellent Remote Lace Thong Vibrating Panty Set menopause aide comes with its own sexy panties!

Add Kegels to your daily exercises: Kegel for women are an important part of sexual exercise for women. Since we use Kegels to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles keeping a consistent schedule before, during or after menopause can also help lead to intense orgasms.

You can get Kegel balls to help with the exercises some great ideal kegel sets are; Dr. Laura Berman Kegel Set which was designed with menopause in mind therefore contoured with comfort in mind. Or if you want more weighted options try this She-ology Weighted Kegel Set.

Some women even love these smaller Icicles No. 42 Glass Ben-Wa Balls. Of course you can also try a vibrating kegel such as Starter Rechargeable Kegel Ball which is a beginner’s size and helps double the pleasure with vibrations.

Try new sexual delights: Take the time to learn about new positions and places (hot tubs, showers, pools, Kama sutra positions) that can help heighten pleasures during the moments of sexual play. Providing deep stimulating foreplay is always a great way to start of your sexual pleasure.

Using glass massagers , stainless steel massagers or silicone massagers can help indulge in temperature plays because they quickly adjust to body temperatures but can also be warmed up or cooled down with help of ice, warm water or cooling/warming lubricants.

Try using some arousal gels: Consider trying some Arousal Gels that can help boost vaginal secretion and comfort prior to your sexual intercourse or solo pleasure. You can try this Embrace Tightening Pleasure Serum which contains organic ingredients and creates a significant blood flow which in turn helps you secrete vaginal moisture that helps minimize vaginal pain and dryness during pleasure.

It also helps tighten the vaginal wall tissue that creates profound orgasms. If you need a boost with clitoral stimulation this Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum can provide a tingle sensation. It is infused with Japanese peppermint oil and gives a cool sensation which also helps promote blood flow.

If you would like to try a two in one sensation you can also get this After Dark Sexual Accelerator Libido Gel which provides both sensations for a completely new way of foreplay and arousal. 

Lubrication is a must: Lubricants can turn any normal sexual session into a wet a wild adventure even during or after menopause. Since we lose the natural ability to provide ourselves with lubrication you can use this Essential 95 Organic Aloe Based Lubricant fortified with natural Aloe Vera that is hypoallergenic, retains moisture and is PH friendly.

Wet Organics is another amazing water based lubricant that can help retain moisture, provides immense relief of vaginal dryness and rejuvenates skin cells after sexual contact. One of the best lube for menopause dryness is the Swiss Navy All Natural Water Based Lubricant that contains carrageenan, deionized water and is safe for all types of sexual play. 

Vaginal dilators: Some women need help with muscles relaxation after menopause as they tend to feel pain and tightness which is not comfortable at all. In this case women were notified that using a vaginal dilator can help with these types of issues and help relieve the pain so that when they are indulging in sexual pleasure it feels more comfortable.

You should invest in dilators that can assist with muscle contractions and stretching.  The She-ology Wearable Vaginal Dilator Set is a perfect example of using a dilator for stretching. Similar to kegels except you leave them sitting on the opening of the vagina to stretch or strengthen the vaginal opening. However if you are open to using a vibrating dilator set try this Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit with gentle vibrations for soothing vaginal dilation you can use this kit with or without the vibrating bullet.

Oral Pleasure: If oral pleasure gets your mojo going then you can try some oral pleasure sex toys to see if that can assist in arousal and secretion. Did you know that using a pussy pump during or after menopause is a great way to increase your blood flow to the clitoral surface in turn you get a heighten sensation, a more pleasurable amount of secretion and it helps prolong your orgasms.

This Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump is the perfect way to sustain a plump and ready for action! You can also achieve this by using a clitoral suction stimulator like this Her Fantasy Ultimate Climax-Her which is a great way to customize your pumping/suction pleasure.