Foreplay Sexy Card Games you should know

Have you been searching for a sexy game to play that will ignite passion back into your foreplay sessions? 

Doing the same old thing every time sexual couples want to get down and kinky tends to loose spark after a while. 

Using sexy card games can bring new and exciting auras to couples who want to boost foreplay sessions that can lead to passionate play!

Although there are not just sex card games you can play, when you shop with Adult Store Cupid Boutique you will find many other sex games for couples to choose from that will put you both in the mood! 

You can choose sexy card games, dice games, hot and heavy sex board games, fun and hilarious sexy drinking games or even party (group) games to help create a very intimate or kinky atmosphere. 

Aside from classic games such as strip poker or asshole the sex card game there are many new sexual games that have launched to keep you and your partner constantly evolving with your sexually intimate sessions.  These types of adult sexy games suggest positions, action and moves to provide a thrilling and hot role playing as needed.  

Ready, Set, Deal!

To help you choose the best couple sex games to reach your sexual desires I have gathered some instant foreplay boosting sexy games for your consideration. 

Sex card games are an excellent way to initiate sexual bonding between couples and more. Using sex card games can help exceed barriers between you and a shy lover. 

If you know how to bluff, fold or raise the ante a sexy game like Love Poker can help you rake many rewards.  It is suitable for 2 or more players and includes sexy instructions if you require them. 

The sexy card game called Hedonism Game is more for those kinky couples who like that hedonistic hookups type of atmosphere with more than two players. The uniqueness of this adultsex game is that you get two sets of cards to change the levels of the game. One set is red for couples and the black set is for adult parties.  

For a more erotic approach to a sex card game try this Touch Me Erotic Massage Game an intimacy instructed sex game that requires couples to rub, touch, relax and excite your partner with each turn. 

The Fun Doesn’t Stop There!

You can also choose sex card games in the forum of a sex board game. These intimacy boosting sex games have both a board to keep track and cards that instruct players what their next moves are. This Sexy Rendez vous adult game is perfect for those who like to play to earn positions. Each player builds a rendez vous scenario as they play and the winner chooses one to act out.  

Fantasy Affair is a sex board game that allows each player to live out his or her or their fantasies. This game includes 36 cards that detail an affair scenario which you and your partner play out. This sexy board game was inspired to bring out the sexual explorer in you. 

Maybe as a sexual couple you need some extra kinky ideas for oral play? Oral play is an art of its own and sometimes even dirty board games don’t give enough details. The Oral Sex Game on the other hand gives detailed techniques with powerful tips to initiate, boost and create the best oral sex for both him and her to work their way through oral town. 

Hold that Position!

Aside from getting new and creative ideas while indulging in a sexy game of foreplay, you can also consider sex card games and sexual board games to explore new positions as well. 

A sexy game like 50 Ways to tease your lover is a great foreplay and position game that includes some bondage and sight restriction accessories which you can use to act out and place your partner into positions as you play. 

Using sexy dice can also help you choose or learn new positions but at a faster pace. This Let’s Get Kinky Bondage Dice Game can really bring your session from heated to flame broiled! Each player takes a turn to roll all three dice and then act out what it says on the dice. With this instantly sexy game you can discover some fast paced scenarios with game of the sexes

Crowd Pleasers!

There are sexy card games that can also host a great party!

Proudly promote any intimate adult party with some really fun and hilarious party starting sex card games. This Connect adult sex card game helps 2-6 players open barriers and provides scenarios that are fast acting and quick to get things started.

If you like to host a drinking party or bachelor/bachelorette party and need a sexy drinking game that can keep the night interesting this Let’s Get Trashed sex party game can get you singing, dancing, playing or hooking up. Just choose the drink of your liking, follow the instructions on the sexual cards and let the sex games begin.

Sexy online games are a great help with intimacy boosting and position learning. A great mobile sex game you can play during large gatherings is called Sociables Card Game. This game can be played in various themes. Before starting the game you can choose your own sociable rules and of course if you get stuck, you can use the custom rule selector. 

If you would rather choose a more one on one intimate version of this sex card game with your partner you can also try the dirty version of Sociables Card Game. Make your own rules, moves and scenarios to provide a breathtaking intimate session.

FAQ’s About Sex Card Games!

Are there sex cards games available for more than two players?

Yes, absolutely some sex card games were designed for 2+ players. 

Can using sex card games boost my sex game?

Oh yes! Sex card games can teach you new moves, positions and actions. 

What other games can I use besides strip poker?

You can choose a sex card game, a sex board game or even a sex interactive game. 

How can I use a sex game to increase my kinky side?

You can try an erotic massage game, a bondage dice game or even a role playing sex game. 

Can people use sex games at an Adult Sex Party?

Yes, absolutely. There are many party sex games that will bring any party to the max!