Get Hot Between The Sheets When It’s Cold Outside

Temperature Play

Altering the temperature of your silicone or glass toys gives rise to new sensations. Though these materials warm up on their own when introduced to body temperature, they might feel uncomfortable to the touch in the beginning. Dip your vibrator in warm water before you use it on your partner, and make the session last longer.

Take Hot Showers Together

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot shower? Nothing beats those scalding jets of water streaming down your body and the warm fuzzy feeling from all the steam that gathers inside the shower stall. But where’s the fun in taking a shower alone? Step under the hot jet with your partner, and carry your favorite waterproof sex toy with you for some wet wild fun, not to mention the combined heat of two bodies. Try out different positions in the shower and make every session steamy hot!

Keep Your Socks On

Quite literally at that. Research says that women are more likely to orgasm if their feet are warm. So you might want to strip down to your birthday suit but don’t forget those socks! You don’t want to develop cold feet mid-session!

Hot Oil Massage

Oh for a relaxing massage during a cold winter afternoon! Massage your partner with wax candles that melt into warm gooey massage oils, kneading the tired muscles of the back, shoulders and neck. A warm massage is exactly your partner needs when you want them all charged up for a session in the sack.

Try Cozy Sex Positions

Though you are most welcome to try out new sex positions in the winters, it’s better to stick to the ones which need more body contact. The best way to heat up your body is to use someone else’s body heat, so try out positions like Missionary, Reverse Missionary, Spooning, The Lotus and Sixty-Nine for those keen on an oral job.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to keep things warm even when it’s cold, go ahead – burn those holiday calories and sizzle up the sex!