How to build a sex room! Canadian Style!

Have you ever wanted a room that was dedicated to sexual pleasures? 

Sometimes using your daily sleeping and lounging areas of the house is just not sexy and is not able to set the lusty mood. Why not create your own Sex Room?

In the recently released Netflix Show “How to build a sex room” a sex show that highlights couples who wish to have a sex room.

Being an adult sex shop, Cupid Boutique understands that building a sex room can ignite passion between lovers and allow them to explore each partner and cater to their sexual needs in a room that is centralized with sex toys.

I have put together a few items that are imperative to add to your sex room! Everything from vibrating sex toys to bondage to electro-sex is discussed below. Let’s Begin shall we! (Whip sound)

A great point that was spoken on the sex show How to build a sex room was that two partners had to be comfortable within their sex room. Adding sensory fabrics, luxury colors, intricate accents, sex furniture and of course sex toys within an arm’s reach. 

Hold That Position!

When building your sex room you may consider sex furniture or position aids to keep the partner in a very erotic position in a more comfortable way. Some positions require too much balance so using a position aid can help alleviate the struggles, especially if there is a major height difference.

If you can’t afford the luxury sex sofa or chassis sex chair pieces like in the show. You can try this Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Position Master is a perfect example for a portable position wedge with added handcuffs for restriction play. This is similar to a liberator pillow or what some call a position wedge and is easier to set up then a sex chair, sex stool or other sex furniture

Of course you can always spice up the mattress you already make love on and keep it as a center piece of your sex room with a simple bed restraint kit such as this Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraints. Turn your regular bed into a BDSM bed in seconds. This can definitely keep any intimate couple discovering restraint and position play.

If suspension sex is more your weakness you can always invest in a sex swing such as this Fetish Fantasy Bondage Sex Swing easy to set up and provides endless kinky positions for any creative couple. 

Ready, Sex, Play!

Now is the time to think about sex toys you want to add for making your sexual delights come true. Who doesn’t want to see their sexy wife using toys? Think of things you and your partner would like to explore. 

If KINK related toys seem to be the highlight in your mind then you should try things like BDSM toys. They come in a full range of playful spectrums. In the How to build a sex room sex show Melanie provides a bag of tricks. Within the bag are some very creative play items such as;

Butt Plug:
Butt plugs come in a wide range of sizes, colors and materials. But how do you pick the one for you? If you enjoy temperature play you can choose a solid metal or glass butt plug for the heaviest and sleekest plugs around.

You can also indulge with a silicone butt plug that warms quickly to body heat so you can set it in ice with ice play before inserting for a whole new level of sensual sensations. A great metal plug set is this Pink Gem Metal Anal Plug Set.

Riding Crop:
A riding crop can help with sensation play. Sensation play meaning; erotic actions of stinging, thwacking, tapping, and of course soft flicks from the dominant partner to the submissive partner. Also known as Impact play, this helps the sensation play expand more than just a smack to the butt.

Each hit arouses your partner even further and leaves them feeling extra stimulated. Check out this Scandal Wide Tip Crop to stimulate your sensation and play fantasies. 

If you are looking for ways to dive in and out of pain and pleasure, a flogger can help you with that. Another form of sensation play is to inflict small flashes of pain and then soothe it over with soft tingles from the flogger’s loose tips.

This action is usually done during a role playing scenario or a punishment scenario between couples or polyamory families. This Icicles No. 38 Dildo Flogger is the perfect example of a delightful multi-purpose Flogger!

Restraints are the glue to BDSM heat and intimate couples. Indulging in restriction and restraint play can really turn on both partners. Binding hands for position holds, resistance touching, and obedience is a very hot scenario to act out. One of the bestselling bondage toys over time.

I encourage you to add these bdsmsex toys to your naughty toy list. They are so versatile and provide lots of different playful scenarios. You can also use bondage rope or velcro cuffs as opposed to metal cuffs

Using a vibrator on your partner can help provide immense stimulation to any one of their intimate spots. A vibrator can be used during foreplay to intensify their orgasm building peak. Using a vibrator during massages creates deep stimulation to their muscles and their senses.

A Wand MassagerG-spot or Rabbit vibrator can do most of the foreplay work for you. Watching your wife riding vibrator can be a very intricate and pleasurable experience. Mutual Masturbation is also a very intimate scenario to act out. 

Note: If you want to practice bondage before tying up your partner you can watch videos of how to self bondage, this way you learn the fine line between pleasure or pain and can safely reenact this on your partner. 

Let’s Rough It Up!

Does the thought of rough sex send bells and alarms of pleasure in your mind? Maybe femdom toys scenarios excite you?

If this is something you picture in your newly created sex room then you should try rough sex accessories to expand the horizons. Using Ball gags, blindfolds, nipple clamps, strap ons or chastity belts can help your fantasies become reality.

Make It Tantric!

Tantric sex massages are a great way to stimulate your body and your mind and prep yourself for some serious sex sessions full of passion and gratification.

What is tantric massage? The goal of tantric sex or massages during sex is to achieve spiritual or energetic contact during sex and sensual experiences. This in turn deepens intimacy between partners and increases mindfulness of sexual pleasure. 

During a tantric sexual massage using earth friendly sex toys such as Le Wand Rose Quartz Wand Massager can help keep things erotic and fine-tuned. You can also try some electro-sex toys, stimulation by electricity is a highly intense way to boost the serotonin and provide immense sexual pleasure. Using an Electro-sex toy such as this Shock Therapy Luv Gloves can help with tantric massages.

Exploring your BDSM side really has no limits. This can burst sexual doors wide open for passionate couples who love to play. But, what is bondage you may ask? 

The definition of bondage is an intricate art of two bodies who long to be restricted for extra sensation play. There are many spectrums of bondage play for the meek and mild to the dark and delightful, for partners who would like to role play during sexual interactions. 

You can bind, restrict, dominate, submit, deprive, dress up in lingerie, and switch roles to create an intense bondage play scenario. And trust me this can never get old, it’s always new and exciting each and every time. 

Of course since we can’t have Melanie Rose come to our house and lavish us with her bag of goodies but, you can always stop by your local sex store or Cupid Boutique sex shop and learn how to D.I.Y your own bag of goodies. 

Well what are you waiting for? Happy Sex Room Building!

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