How to create a sexy lingerie wardrobe?

Are you looking for ways to refresh your sexy lingerie wardrobe?

Wearing beautifully crafted, and well fitted sexy lingerie can help you feel you’re best! Although most times people can’t even see your lingerie garments it certainly adds a little oomph in your step day to day. 

Lovely fabrics and intricate feelings of softness give your skin a warming feeling and makes you feel pretty, sexy and confident. Dressing in sexy lingerie can create a mental state of happiness boosted by positive vibes and good energy. 

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Sexy Lingerie for men and women has been getting steadily popular these last few decades. There’s something about lounging in your sexy lingerie set that gives off a truly intimate and sexy feel. 

It’s quite ok to want to boost your sexy lingerie wardrobe with well fitted, gorgeously patterned lingerie that compliments your mood, styles and of course any occasion. 

If you are a lingerie girl, you will know the importance of a well fitted and contoured lingerie set. Trying on lingerie just won’t cut it. You should have a fitting done before shopping for lingerie or going for lingerie pictures. It will be less stressful for you and proper fitting intimate wear is always beneficial to your well-being.

Benefits of Sexy Lingerie Wardrobe:

  • Match intimate wear to outer wear
  • Boost your confidence 
  • Prolongs the quality of lingerie
  • Properly sized and well fitted
  • Increases your well being
  • Boost sexuality 
  • Keeps you feeling sexy
  • Separates practical lingerie from sexual lingerie
  • Minimizes clutter of intimates

Building with the Bare Necessities:

The first steps in creating a sexy lingerie wardrobe are quite easy. With the bare necessities you can create a seductive yet presentable way to wear your everyday attire with class and elegance. Some lingerie types are;

Bra: A bra or brassiere is a form fitting undergarment that is mostly used to support and cover a woman’s breasts. Choosing the right size of bra is crucial in order to have the right fit and support. Instead of trying on lingerie your best option is to be sized or fitted for the perfect bra size for you. There are many styles of bras available: from under wires, bandeau, bikini lingerie, bralette, sports and strapless. 

Panties: Panties are also known as underwear or undies and are part of our daily necessities of sexy lingerie. They contour our bodies and keep everything form fitting under our outfits. Panties come in thong or G-string styles but also in crotchless for the extra seductive feeling. 

Stockings: Lingerie stockings are also called thigh hi, panty hose or leggings. They are form fitting at the waist or top of the thighs and help to slender down the legs and thigh’s appearance. They complement the dress or outfit you have chosen to wear and give off a very intimate feeling during wear.  There are many styles of stockings; full body stockings, sheer lingerie stockings, lace stockings, fishnet stockings and of course opaque stockings

Garter Belts: Garter lingerie are an article of sexy lingerie that sits snug on the waist and helps keep your stockings in place with 4 strips and clasps that attach to the top of the stockings. Using the garters eliminates the need for shifting stockings to keep them in place. They also make a wonderful eye catching addition to any sexy lingerie set

Bustier: A bustier or corset lingerie is a form fitting garment that women wear to help slim the waistline, tighten the midriff and push up the breasts for a fuller, slimmer look. You can wear a bustier under a blouse, blazer or low cut dress for a sleek and sexy look. 

Extra Spicy Sexy Lingerie Selections:

Besides your bare necessities, sexy lingerie is also for play! 

Sensual Lingerie: With sensual lingerie you can indulge in fabrics that help you feel sexy, seductive and comfortable in the skin you are in. Hot sexy lingerie such as baby dolls, kimonos and chemise lingerie dress are great ways to keep that sexy feeling all day long. 

Exotic Lingerie:  You can get a little more daring with exotic lingerie. Bring out the vixen in you, by mixing and matching transparent lingerie with strappy lingerie, cut out lingerie and body lingerie such as; teddies, body stockings  or a mini dress

BDSM Lingerie: If you are looking for a way to unleash your bondage lingerie side you can also choose kinky lingerie such as Wet Look lingerie. This sleek and profound look will get the attention you require during BDSM lingerie sex. Bondage lingerie has many other names as well, such as; slutty lingerie, strappy lingerie, fetish lingerie, kinky lingerie and role play lingerie the possibilities are ultimately endless!

Costume Lingerie: Aside from the sexy and seductive lingerie you can also try some sexy lingerie costumes. Role play lingerie helps spice up the scenario when you want to act out characters during intimate sexual moments. Dressing up in school girl lingerie, nurse lingerie or the classic maid lingerie gets the mood flowing. Enticing your lover with costumes is incredibly fun and very intimate. There are even masks and gloves you can add to complete any costume lingerie set. 

Men’s Lingerie: Men also have many styles of hot lingerie. From lace boxers to g-strings and jockstraps to bikinis can make a man feel incredibly sexy and empowering. Best of all these can be worn under outer wear as well allowing him to feel sexy and confident the whole day. 

Bridal Lingerie: For those intimate nights on your honeymoon. Not just any sexy lingerie will do. Bridal lingerie is a great way to heighten your first night as new lovers. There is something so angelic about sexy white lingerie. It glows under black light, it compliments complexions of skin and it makes you look pure and innocent. White lingerie is very captivating and seductive. Every sexy lingerie canada wardrobe should have at least one white lingerie set it gives off an empowering feeling of sensuality.  

Choosing sexy lingerie canada is not a hard task just make sure you know the fabrics used and your proper size fittings so your intimate lingerie lasts you for many years. A favorite sexy lingerie piece that relaxes you and helps you feel your best is always a great idea. 

Happy Sexy Lingerie Shopping!