How to find the perfect lubricant for the best sexual pleasure!

Having trouble trying to find the perfect lubricant for your best sexual pleasure when you go the lube shop?

WE can help!

Cupid Boutique understands that there are tons of lubricants on the market available to the average person but what is the best lubricant for you?

Cupid Boutique offers many types of lubricants for sexual pleasures whether it wet water based lubricant, silicone lube, anal lube or edible lube our online adult sex shop carries everything you want in a lube shop!

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Lube meaning: Lube is a liquid that helps lessen friction during penetration. Usually lube is derived from plant glycerin and other natural goodies plus it can have water, silicone or hybrid (water and silicone) based lubricants.

The Best Lubes:

Masturbation Lube: What is the best lube for masturbation? That’s easy. The most versatile lubricant in a lube shop is a water based lube.

Because basis of its structure is mostly water this slick formula can glide easily during manual masturbation and masturbation with a sex toy. 

You can apply as much as needed. And due to the fact that almost all are glycerin, paraben free and vegan friendly they don’t leave a mess, they are considered safe to digest and washes off with warm water and soap.

Lubricants such as Pjur lube, Fleshlube, Gun Oil lube H2O and Grizzly Lube are a great selection for masturbation. 

Massage Lube: Wanting to get intimate with your partner but don’t know which massage lube is which?

Try massage lubricants that can go all over the body including the vagina and anus, this will allow uninterrupted sessions so you don’t have to clean yourself off in between.

Using a warming lube can instantly arouse your partner. You can also try lubricant glides, which prolong massages and is healthy for skin too. What a great reason to visit the local lube shop!

Massage lubricants such as Love Lube, Sutil Luxe Body Glide enhanced with Aphrodisiac or Elite Velvet touch Silicone glide are great options for intimate massages.

Sensual massage


Flavored Lube: Now flavored lubes always come in a water based formula. You can get tons of different flavors to soothe your palate.

Most flavored lube is so delicious no wonder it’s considered a topping. The most popular one I have seen out of the edible lube section is the blueberry lube.

It smelled amazing and tasted just like the real ordeal. Is lube edible? Most water based lubes are edible and so if you are thinking you are going to eat your partner your best choice would be to add a flavored lube.

Great examples of edible lube are Oral Pleasure Glide, 4-in-1 Warming Chocolate Chip Lubricant, or Wet Fun Flavors 4-in-1. Look for these and more at your local lube shop!

Condom Lube: When you go condom shopping, do you also purchase a lube? Did you know that some lubes are not good for condoms?

Allow me to explain. Some lubricants such as silicone lube are not a lube for condoms. Because silicone breaks down latex it will destroy the condom.

So next time you are condom shopping look for water based lube or flavored lube as those are a great lube for condoms.

Some great condom lube favorites are Turn On Water Based Lube, Fuck Sauce Water Based Personal Lubricant or Shunga Toko Aroma


Sensation Lube:  A sensation lube is usually a water based formula as well. However you can get lubes that give sensations after applying. There is a warming lube which once applied gives a warming feeling that heats up when cold is applied.

You can also get a cold sensation lube which helps cool down the friction between partners or during solo sessions. Take it one step further you can get benzocaine lube which helps with hyper-sensitivity and once applied slows down ejaculation.

This type of numbing lube helps with premature ejaculation in men. 

Some examples of sensation lube are Wicked Aqua Chill Water Based Lube, Mojo Horny Goat Weed Libido Glide or Mojo Penis Stimulating Gel

Anal Lube: One of the best lubricants for anal penetration is definitely silicone lube. It’s a thicker lube that you can apply to lessen the friction during backdoor play.

You can also substitute with an anal numbing lube which helps with numbing the anus muscles just enough to enjoy pleasure but not have pain. Surely to be available at your local lube shop!

If you don’t want a numbing sensation you can always get the best of both worlds by using a hybrid lube which is a mix of both water based and silicone lube.

Silicone lube is also great for sexual activities in water as it does not wash off easily so it helps create a slick penetration even under water. 

Which is the best anal lube? A great basic anal lube would be Wet’s Uranus Anal Lube or Turn On Silicone Based Lubricant. Want to try a numbing lube?

The Ease Relaxing Anal Silicone Glide is one of the best anal lube your money can buy!

Squirt Lube: Since they sell squirting dildos they also sell the lubricant required to fill them. These lubricants are known as cum lube.

This is my only exception to using cum as lube. Because using actual cum as lube is never a good option. It dries way too quickly and once dried feels horrible. So please don’t use cum as lube or spit as lube.

They don’t make things easier anyways. These cum lubes are mostly water based lubricants with additives to make it look and feel just like cum.

The cleanup is easy and there is no taste or scent so it can make sex sessions a whole lot more interesting!

A few cum lube options to look into on your next trip to the lube shop is Fuck Sauce Cum Hybrid Lubricant, or Squirtz Cum Lube.

Happy Lube Shopping!