How to make your Spring Wet and Hot with different Sextoys!

The term April Showers bring May flowers is not just a quote regarding the season, this old fashion saying can also mean exploring sexual desires too! 

Since spring is notably the time of year were days get longer, the nights get warmer, and everything starts to bloom again. The same goes for your lingering sexual desires to explore hot and wet sexual positions by yourself or with a partner. 

Are you curious about the hottest sex toys this spring? If so, you are in the right spot. Cupid Boutique has put together some fun-tastic spring sextoys that are great selections to explore all your sexual desires. 

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Our adult store proudly offers many styles of intimate sex toys that can provide the utmost sexual pleasure for couples, men and women. 

Sex Toys that heat up your nights!

We all know that sex before bedtime can really be beneficial, since orgasms promote healthy sleep patterns, and increase relaxation state. Finding a vibrating sex toy that effortlessly satisfies you is sometimes a greater task than you think.

No matter if you are flying solo or looking for ways to prolong sexual intercourse, these hot sex toys can bring more pleasure than expected. These hot sex toys can be stashed away in a nightstand drawer for quick access, and they are discreetly sized to take with you on your erotic travels. 

Vibrating Cock Rings: These discreet yet very pleasing vibrating sex toys can really boost foreplay and extend sexual play between couples or during solo masturbation. Available in an array of styles, colours, shapes and functions a vibrating cock ring is definitely a great addition to any sex toys for couples’ collection. 

Check out our Adult store’s New Arrivals section for the latest in vibrating cock rings, with tons of pleasure options and functions to choose from!

Suction & Air Pulse stimulators: For the ladies who love clitoral stimulation, choosing an air pulse sex toy can really change the orgasm potential. Since vibrations and air pressure combined together provide a titillating experience similar to oral pleasure. 

Take a peek at our Adult Store’s best sellers, in the Suction & Air Pulse Stimulators to learn more about these amazing clitoral stimulation toys.  

Pocket Pussy: For those males who love a little penile satisfaction before they hit the sack, a pocket pussy masturbator is the perfect way to get efficient satisfaction in a realistic yet discreet way. A Palm Stroker is an extremely detailed palm-sized male masturbator which has lifelike orifices and an incredibly realistic internal tunnel. Enjoy oral, anal or vaginal orifices that are sure to leave you with sweet dreams. 

Spring Fever Quickie Sex Toys!

Who doesn’t love quickies? A surefire way to get you perked up in the morning is a morning quickie! Mix your morning routine with an orgasm and reap the benefits of a happier attitude, glowing skin, and a smile that will last the whole day.

These discreet and multi-purpose sex toys are an excellent way to start off your day with some good vibrations. Heck, they are great for any time of day actually!

Wearable Sex Toys: To be as discreet as possible, you can always count on a wearable sex toy such as pleasure bead panties or a wearable stimulator to provide you with hands-free sexual pleasure while you are getting ready for your day. In fact, these are so discreet they can be worn for the whole day as a part of your attire.

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You can find these impressive Vibrating Panties in our adult Store and online. These vibrating hot sex toy and lingerie combos are a great way to start your daily routines, help you destress, and get your blood pumping. 

One-Time Use Sex Toys: Every now and again there are times when the heat of the moment hits and you have to be prepared for sex at a moment's notice. Although condoms are the number one on that list, there are some great travel-friendly hot sex toys which can be disposed of after use, that can help with an instant urge to masturbate or to get down and kinky with your partner. 

No matter, if you are looking for egg masturbation fun, erection enhancers or anything else that will instantly gratify you during sexually charged moments, using a disposable sex toy, is a great idea for discreet sexual pleasure. 

Hands-free Sex Toy Hotness!

Hands-free sex toys are a great way to get your libido pumping and enjoy intimate pleasure with your spouse in a whole other aspect no matter if you are at home, on the road, or on vacation. 

The ever-so-clever hands-free sex toys option is considered hands-free because you don’t have to manually change the functions with the buttons on the toy, you have a wireless remote or a Bluetooth app that does that for you remotely with a tap of a button. 

Hands-free Stimulation: Discreet, erotic and is one of the hottest sex toys for spring, wireless remote bullets & lipstick vibrators and dual stimulation vibrators can be worn in many places. Use a hands-free sex toy during your commutes to and from work, during your morning workouts, or during a date night with your partner.  

Hands-free Anal Toys: If you are seeking kinky sex toys that can provide back-door pleasure with hands-free options, these vibrating wireless remote anal sex toys, and prostate massagers are sure to bring you hot, erotic satisfaction. 

Waterproof Sex Toys!

Where there is water, they shall play! Waterproof sex toys make our showers, baths and other water playtimes a great way to explore sexually.

There is something very erotic about water play. With the right type of waterproof sex toy, you can turn any water moment into an erotic one. 

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Waterproof Vibrators: Regardless if you are looking for rabbit vibrators, G-spot vibrators, clitoral stimulators or waterproof cock rings, a great majority of vibrating sex toys are stamped for approval in water play. Not only are they great for at-home use, but you can easily take these along with you during erotic hotel getaways, bae-cations, and other erotic journeys.

Waterproof Masturbators: For the males who self-stimulate during their personal showering time, the best waterproof male sex toy ever is the Fleshlight masturbator. Not only do you get an ultra-realistic replica of your favourite porn star, but you also get the ability to use this ultra-realistic male sex toy in the shower or bath. Fleshlight even has a shower mount which you can purchase to make water masturbation play totally a mesmerizing experience.

If you rather have a motor multi-function vibrating version of a masturbator sex toy, be sure to check out the Automated Strokers they are also certified waterproof sex toys and provide outstanding penile penetration during sexual water play either solo or with your partner. 

Waterproof Massagers: A waterproof massager can work wonders for massaging your tired sore muscles and relieving cramps, and it can even be used as an erotic massager in the shower. These discreetly sized and power-packed waterproof massagers are approved for underwater stimulation for anyone who desires it. 

FAQ about hot sex toys in the spring!

What types of sex toys are great for travelling?

Petite-sized sex toys that are rechargeable are great for travelling.

Are all vibrating sex toys waterproof?

No, not all vibrating sex toys are waterproof; please make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions.

What kind of sex toys should I get to wear while I run errands?

You can choose a hands-free sex toy, a wearable sex toy, or pleasure beads to stimulate during errands.

What is the most popular sex toy in the spring?

A rabbit vibrator or a vibrating egg is the most popular sex toy in the spring season.

Is there such a thing as disposable sex toys?

Yes, absolutely. Some sex toys like cock rings, strokers and stimulators are one-time-use sex toys.