Is Masturbation Every Day Harmful? How Much Is Too Much?

It’s been asked more than once: Each person will give a different answer. So this is a guide to help those understand masturbation with the good and the bad that comes with self-pleasure. 

Most people think that masturbation is something someone does without a partner. However, that couldn’t be more further from the truth. Allowing yourself to open up sexually, while using masturbation tools helps you understand your body, and self-pleasure can teach us more than you would ever expect. Our bodies are equipped both mentally and physically to receive pleasure in order to relax the central nervous system and relieve the prolactin from pituitary gland which is fully responsible for our guilty pleasures.

So, if you are asking yourself these questions. Keep reading we will uncover some interesting myths and facts about male genital stimulation.


  • Considered Cheating
  • Lose Libido
  • Can cause STD’s
  • Ruin sexual partnerships
  • Wears down the skin
  • Loss of sensitivity

5 Facts about Masturbating

1. Is Masturbation Harmful?

The short of the answer is No. By self-pleasuring either with your hand or with the help of a masturbator, you can boost your serotonin levels that are produced in the central nervous system and helps regulate your moods. If you are feeling depressed, moody or just lonely a self-gratification session can easily clear up these inhibitors. By releasing the pressure built up by emotions and long tiring days, it can help flush those low frequencies from your body and recharge the blood platelets that travel through the central nervous system. This helps with sleeping, relaxation and above all, a healthy libido.

2. Is Jacking Off Daily Bad?

While some may still consider it a taboo, the bottom line is that some people only achieve true orgasms during self-release. Think of yourself as a well-oiled running machine. In order to keep all the components running smoothly you must work them; you can do so with the help of some ready-made masturbators. The penis has muscles and fluids that must be worked and released for a healthy functioning libido and to remove unhealthy bacteria or build up. Some sex toys such as prostate stimulators, or penis pumps can also help with this factor. The reality of it is that jacking off daily isn’t a bad thing. It helps keep your machine well-oiled and running properly. You might be asking yourself is masturbation once a day healthy? Yes. Absolutely! Is it bad to masturbate every day? No, masturbating every day or more than once a day is perfectly healthy and safe.

3. How Many Times Can You Masturbate In A Day?

Well, this can be looked at from a few points of view. Some people would prefer it as a breakfast, lunch and dinner scenario. This means morning, noon and night they can “fap” away and still release. However on the flip side multiple onanisms in a few short hours could lead to an obsession for self-pleasuring which is not ideal. Once you cannot go a moment without thinking about or standing at attention, this could be problematic for you. In order to live a day to day life uncomplicated you must be able to control urges and erections. This isn’t always easy to achieve if you have no control over your onanism needs. In short, it is ok to masturbate as many times as you wish. But when it interferes with your personal or day to day life, that’s when you need to consider if it is really necessary.

4. Is Masturbation Addiction Real? How to Stop Masturbation Addiction?

Although some will say that there is no such thing. There are a few points to consider here. Masturbation addiction is not a diagnosable metal health condition. Here are some pointers you must keep in mind.  When you self-pleasure it helps to strengthen penis/vagina muscles, so think of it as a work out that can help those parts of the body we normally cannot work out.  However we also have sensitivity issues that can be problematic once a partner is involved. If you are used to obtaining ejaculation pleasure with a toy, and then you get yourself a partner, your penis may be so used to the feeling and stimulation of that toy that your penis does may not get off on the real deal.  This is one of the reasons masturbation addiction can harm your relationship and sexual encounters. Does this mean masturbating is bad? Oh heck no! As mentioned above it has a lot of health benefits.  How to Stop Masturbation Addiction? This is a touchy topic, (no pun intended). For some they would never really think of it as problematic. However, if you were to let the obsessions take over your daily life they may need to work at getting themselves to stop or minimize masturbation. How do we achieve this? You would have to treat it as anything else that would be considered as a harmful habit. Try setting limits or rules that would be most important and unique to your schedule. Instead of masturbating throughout the day, try limiting yourself to once in the am, and once in the pm. This will help with setting limits that you can abide by and helps minimize masturbation frequency. You could try a device that could help as well. Considering a penis cage would be ideal. If in fact it is not negatively interfering with anything such as work or relationships then “fap” away to your hearts content.

5. Is It Bad To Masturbate And Not Ejaculate?

All things to consider, we masturbate for release. Release of endorphins, release of pressure or stress, and of course release of fluids. Naturally when you release fluids those fluids can create life, but in this sense it’s a relief of stress, pressure or just for pleasure. Is it bad to masturbate and not ejaculate? This is a question in which everyone should be educated on. Otherwise known today as “Edging” this is where the person masturbates without releasing. There are a few key factors to look at. First, this action helps with premature ejaculation. Some may get excited to the point where they start to cum but the pressure it takes to push out the sperm hasn’t been built up yet, which in turn leaks sperm out of the penis. By deliberately delaying the orgasm you gain control of when you release. It has been noted that for some, building up your ejaculation can help with the final orgasm. In turn makes it stronger, longer and much more sensitive. Secondly, this isn’t a bad thing considering this is how we obtain explosive orgasms time and time again. The only issue is that some have said they experience pain in the scrotum if it is built up without release. So overall not ejaculating when you reach peak is not really an issue more so, a matter of control.