Let’s Talk About Squirting. Can All Women Squirt?

Do you want to learn how to have Super-intense Squirting Orgasms? If yes, then we need to have a quick discussion. Use this brief guide to help you obtain the best pleasure known to women! Some may say that it isn’t possible but following certain steps and being sexually aware of your erogenous zones will allow you to open up sexually to please those squirting orgasm desires.

Seeking that Ultimate Female Pleasure!

Ready, shake, squirt! This is how most women squirters figure out they can really let loose! By letting the juices flow (literally). In order to accomplish a squirting orgasm you must first understand where or how it was created. What is women squirting? The female body holds many pleasure spots in the genital area. The anus, the vagina and the clitoris are extremely close to one another and they are all connected by the same gland that regulates sexual desires and our horny thoughts. That is the Pituitary gland. When a woman is in complete arousal she shows signs, vocally, body language, and then it starts to happen. You feel so much pleasure, but yet you feel like you have to pee. This is actually the start of the g-spot stimulation, it has awakened and is now ready to release the pressure. If you are new to this sensation you may stop and think I have to pee. But don’t stop, let the orgasm build and once you feel the need to release squeeze your pelvic, bladder, and clitoris muscles together as they help build the pressure as well. Once you reach that peak, remove any toys that were in penetration mode and rub the clitoris while you flex your muscles, this is how girls squirt for the first time. Combining both g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation simultaneously increases your chances for a full on arousal squirting session!

Experimenting with Squirting!

Now, don’t go thinking that it happens instantly. Some women need to locate their own g-spot and find what turns them on the most. As all women can squirt, they just have to learn what works for them. Since squirting is actually involuntary emissions of urine during sexual activity, your squirt grows bigger the more you are turned on. How do I achieve this you may ask? That is actually a good question. Since most women are not equipped with long fingers and ways to position fingers on ourselves we get better orgasms with either our partners, or with the help of some g-spot sex toys. By using a toy, you can use different types of settings, vibration modes and dual-stimulation, whatever you please to help achieve that explosive and sexually gratifying orgasm that will send us to happily ever after. But most importantly practice makes perfect, don’t be too negative on yourself or your partner. Don’t focus only on squirting, or how many times a girl can squirt. Just enjoy the pleasure and let the squirting come naturally, I promise it’s a whole other feeling.

A Few Squirting Suggestions!

Just a few quick suggestions here before you run off to try this, start off slow! Regardless, if you are exploring with a partner or by yourself, you need to take it slow. I say this because there are some squirting orgasm stories where they never recovered due to being too rough with their g-spot. It can hurt, A LOT! Because the g-spot feels like it is a solid it is actually aroused tissue. So it can become bruised quite easily and ruin a good thing before even getting started. So take it slow. If you are trying to achieve g-spot and squirting sexual arousal and you feel that it hurts, stop immediately. Always ask a doctor or a gynecologist about any issues pertaining to hurting or sharp pain within the g-spot or urinary region. The second suggestion is to make sure you urinate before sexual intercourse (and after too). This ensures that bacteria does not build up and sit in the vaginal area. This can cause further issues like yeast build up and urinary tract infections. We don’t want any of that in our way. Another suggestion is that using a lot of lubrication is key to having an intense and free flowing squirt orgasm. Well lubricated sex toys or partnered plays bring a whole new sensation in sexual contact. Think of it as a slide, the wetter the better. You can’t argue with that! My final suggestion is probably a suggestion that is best for all sexual interactions and full blown woman orgasms and that is to exercise your KEGELS! Kegel muscles or aka the pelvic floor muscle is one of the biggest muscles we have to help us achieve sexual pleasure. Keeping your pelvic floor muscles tight, active and functioning smoothly will allow you to create, prolong, and enjoy multiple orgasms that are highly explosive and leave us completely breathless and satisfied. You will feel like singing back to the birds!

Preparation and Clean Up Fun!

I won’t be afraid to admit this, but squirting leaves one heck of a mess! But this is ok. Because with the help of some pretty nifty planning you can always prepare for a squirting sex session! If you are struggling to think of your own DIY type of setting to prepare. There are ready-made waterproof bed sheets to help with the relief of cleaning up. These sheets allow you to play with oils, lubricants, or get wet and wild without the worries. However, if this isn’t the type of thing you want to invest in. You can always find household items to help you with preparation and clean up after the wild encounter. First, try to find something that is either waterproof or can soak up the excess fluids, such as a towel (or a few) or a plastic sheet. If by chance you experience a squirting session by surprise and need a helpful way to clean up. Try combining hot water, rubbing alcohol, and anti-bacterial cleaner and throw the sheets in the laundry. If you happen to get some on your mattress, never fear, that can be cleaned too. Dampen the area with some hot water, add some disinfectant soap, give it a little scrub and dust it with some baking soda, leave to dry and vacuum. This will allow you to remove any odors or stains left behind.

The End all Solution for Women Squirters!

In order to achieve any type of orgasm, you must be comfortable! Comfortable with your surroundings, comfortable with your partner, and most importantly comfortable with yourself! In order for your partner and yourself to be comfortable with sexual interactions that induce female squirting orgasms, they must be discussed between partners. This is why self-exploration is one of the key factors in G-spot stimulation and squirting. In order to tell someone how to stimulate you with pleasure, you must be able to communicate and either show or tell them how or what you like done. This will open doors for your relationships and help you achieve the best orgasms that suit your sexual needs.