Male Sex Toys (It’s Not All About Women)

Most people will assume that it’s women searching for “a sex shop near me.” But actually, men are also looking for sex toys. As early as 2016, nearly 67% of men stated they had purchased a sex toy, and 7 out of 10 men had already used them in bed. So, what’s on the market for male sex toys? This article will share male sex toys popular with men and couples and give you some tips for maximizing your experience.

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Why Don’t We Hear More About Male Sex Toys?

Male sex toys have wrongfully been viewed as a taboo topic, but many surveys show that male sex toys are used frequently both with partners and independently. Additionally, masturbation has been linked to better physical health and increased sexual satisfaction. Couples that use sex toys are more adventurous and enjoy a better sexual experience.

What Male Sex Toys Are Available In A Sex Store Near Me?

Many sex toys out there exist for male pleasure. From the ever-popular Fleshlight to couple-friendly items like vibrators, many toys are out there to enhance individual and joint sexual experiences.

The Solo Experience

Are you looking for a “sex shop near me” for something to enjoy on your own? Browse this range of male sex toys that you can experience for yourself.


Fleshlights are realistic strokers that can help you enhance your individual pleasure. Many are hyperrealistic, and it’s easy to see why they are the most popular male sex toys for the solo experience. Many fleshlights have vibration settings and can be enhanced using lube and other play products.

Palm Masturbators

Palm masturbators accompany the stroking experience and can come in various formats, from triple textured to Fleshlight style and even ass masturbators. There’s something for everyone with these pocket sex toys.

Mega Masturbators

Mega masturbators are the pinnacle of the solo experience, with supple and realistic accompaniments that warm up with human touch. If you’re new to sex dolls or mega masturbators, start with a fleshlight and build up over time.

Automated Sex Toys

Automated sex toys can give you absolute bliss at the press of a button. With many innovative automated sex toys, you can enjoy an out-of-this-world experience with stimulating vortex movements.

Sex Dolls

50,000 - 70,000 people buy sex dolls each year. Cupid Boutique has a range of love dolls in different body types, sizes and positions to make your solo experience more enjoyable.

Penis & Cock Rings

Penis rings come in a range of support rings that go around the penis for ultimate pleasure. Cock rings that sit at the base of the shaft can also give mutual pleasure if used during sex. Penis rings have various innovative functions to enhance your experience, including ticklers, testicle rings and beads.

Anal Toys

Have you ever considered using anal toys? At Cupid Boutique, we have a range of pleasure-boosting anal toys for you.

Butt Plugs

Male butt plugs enhance the solo or joint sexual experience by gently massaging the prostate, boosting orgasms. Every sexual orientation can enjoy using butt plugs to increase pleasure.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers go one step further than butt plugs in stimulating the prostate. They even boost sexual health at the same time. Consider pairing a prostate massager with anal lubricant for ultimate pleasure.


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Can I Find Couple’s Sex Toys In A Sex Shop Near Me?

Male sex toys don’t just exist to enhance the solo experience. There are many couple’s sex toys that can be used for mutual enjoyment and pleasure. 

Couple’s Massager

A couple’s massager is usually worn against the clitoris and G-spot, stimulating the shaft and perineum. These can be enhanced with a remote massager or used independently. These can be mixed and matched with other vibrators for a joint masturbation session or to enhance sex.

Oral Vibrator

An oral vibrator can be placed in the mouth during oral stimulation for enhanced pleasure. These can also be used in water to enjoy a sexual shower or bath experience. Some vibrators can also be worn on the tongue or in the cheek for a varied and blissful encounter. 

Couple’s Vibrators

A couple’s vibrators can be used to enhance sex or for individual stimulation. Some vibrators can be placed around the shaft for an unforgettable time. Use these during foreplay or at the base of the shaft during sex.

What Other Play Items Can Enhance My Experience With Male Sex Toys?

When paired with kits, creams and lubricants, you can have an even better experience with male sex toys:

  • Erection creams - erection creams can increase blood flow to the penis for a longer-lasting erection.
  • Intensifying creams - like erection creams intensifying creams help to increase the experience by decreasing sensitivity and enhancing your erection.
  • Lubricants - lubes come in various flavors, textures and ranges for you to enjoy a frictionless sexual experience.
  • Anal kits - can help you ease into the anal experience. Prostate trainers can help you get the maximum pleasure from a butt plug or prostate massager.

  • With these creams and lubricants, you will enjoy an enhanced sexual or solo experience every time. If you’re new to items like butt plugs, an anal kit can also help you build up the experience over time for increased pleasure.

    Final Thoughts

    Male sex toys are a great way to enhance your masturbation and sexual experience. From palm masturbators to sex dolls, there’s a full range of toys to enjoy the solo experience. If you want to try something new with your partner, try couples vibrators or massagers, or even consider a joint masturbation experience. When using male sex toys, pair with lubricants and intensifying creams to help your erection last longer.

    It’s not all about women. Enjoy male sex toys today and see increased sexual and physical health resulting from enjoying yourself.